Gold, Silver Prices Seen Rising on Global Stimulus

James West

Both silver and gold are up today as a result of a broad-based perception that Japan’s $1.4 trillion stimulus program will fan the flames of the unfolding global currency war. Gold was up US$14.80 per ounce at $1587.50, while silver had advanced to $28.02, up 2.64% on the session.

The reason isn’t hard to see. As stated by Bendan Murray an Scott Lanman at Bloomberg:

“The Fed, the ECB and the BOJ have more than doubled the combined size of their balance sheets since the global financial crisis broke out in 2007, expanding them by a total $4.7 trillion. With the BOJ’s action, that amount could be increased by at least a further $1.3 trillion by the end of 2014.”

In strictly nominal terms, the prices of both gold and silver should rise as nations scramble to counter the Japanese move by extending and increasing their own stimulus to keep the price of their respective currencies down.

Putting it into perspective, Kyle Bass of Hayman Capital Management pointed out that Japan’s interest costs will likely exceed their tax revenue at some point, and that Japan was stimulating at 75% the rate that the US was stimulating, in an economy that is one third the size of the US.

Both Bill Gross of PIMCO and George Soros have warned that the move by Japan could start a rout of the yen.

“If the yen starts to fall, which it has done, and people in Japan realize that it’s liable to continue and want to put their money abroad, then the fall may become like an avalanche,” Soros said today in an interview on CNBC.

Mind you, Soros is not the most accurate forecaster in the last decade. Soros called gold “the ultimate bubble” in February 2010. Rising 75% over the following 18 months, its price stands more than 43% higher today.

In combination with Cyprus’s seizure of up to 60% in some cases of depositors funds, the Japanese stimulus is just the latest move to demonstrate that fiat currencies are rapidly becoming unsafe, and only gold and silver will be worth anything once all these currencies are gone.

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James West

James West

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