Arianne Phosphate Scores Big with Bankable Feasibility Study

Arianne Phosphates Inc.(CVE:DAN) announced receipt of the bankable feasibility study on its Lac-a-Paul phosphate project in Quebec yesterday – a development that is likely to spur takeover interest in the company by major phosphate suppliers such as Mosaic (NYSE:MOS) or Agrium (NYSE:AGU).

According to the press release, the study stipulates:
Net Present Value (“NPV”) of US$ 1,910.1 million at an 8% discount rate;

  • Gross revenue, in real terms, of US$ 16,124.8 million and operating cash flow of US$ 7,379.6 million;
  • Internal Rate of Return (“IRR”) of 20.7% with a capital payback of 4.4 years before taxes and mining duties;
  • A 25.75 year mine life (excluding pre-production) with an average annual phosphate concentrate production of 3 million tonnes with a grade of 38.6% P2O5 and with average mill recovery of 90.0%;
  • The Initial Capital Cost of the Project is US$ 1,214.7 million comprising US$ 982.5 million for the mine and US$ 232.2 for the concentrate transport system that delivers product to the deepwater Port of Saguenay open 365 days per year;
  • The All-In Cost onboard the Ship in the Port of Saguenay is US$93.7/tonne life of mine (LOM) (i.e. FOB Port of Saguenay), yields an operating margin of 56% with an average selling price of $213/tonne at the port;
  • Measured and Indicated Mineral Resources in the Paul Zone alone of 590 million tonnes grading an average of 7.1% P2O5 at a 4.0% cut-off grade (does not include 164 million tonnes of Manouane Zone mineral resources);
  • 75.7 million tonnes of saleable concentrate at 38.6% P2O5 in Proven and Probable Mineral Reserves reported at 3.5% P2O5 cut-off grade of 472.1 million tonnes at an average grade of 6.9 % P2O5 (taken from the Paul Zone Mineral Resource);
  • Confirmed power availability of 115MWatt at the Chute des Passes power plant located 30 km from the mine.

According to Brian Ostroff, who is a principle shareholder of the company:

“The project has a $1.9B NPV which is DOUBLE that of Arianne’s pre-feasibility which indicated a $1B NPV in 2012.  Further, this $1.9B NPV represents ONLY the Lac a Paul deposit and does not include the additional 160M tons in the Manouane deposit which would add an additional 8 years of mining life (and enhance the $1.9B NPV).  At today’s closing price of $1.25 (a market cap of roughly $100M), Arianne is trading at less than 6% of its NPV!!

The number of greatest significance as far as I am concerned is the all-in cost on the ship.  As I have said in the past, a number under $115/ton would have been good; at under $94/ton it is phenomenal.  Arianne can produce a 39% concentrate and put it on a ship 365 days/year in a deep sea port for less than $94/ton.  From there they can sail it wherever it needs to go.  I would say that this compares very well to those who have to pay $145/ton on a boat, halfway around the world for a 30% concentrate and ultimately question the security of that supply at any price.

Obviously a capex of $1.2B is not a trivial matter but I believe very manageable.  This is not one of 10 copper or gold mines waiting to be built to supply a market that already has hundreds/thousands of mines operating.  This is the largest Greenfield phosphate asset, on a continent that runs a deficit and, with players who have balance sheets that dwarf the needed capex.  In 4 ½ years you get your money back and then you save hundreds of millions of dollars a year for many years.  Of that $1.2B, over $230M is for an advanced transport system that allows that $94/ton on a ship and as I will always say, opex trumps capex; capex costs you once and opex, like diamonds, is forever!!  I also believe that this project was engineered (and budgeted) for the future.  It will accommodate growth and longevity; again, both qualities required if you are going to interest a major.”

The stock as of the time of this writing has appreciated by about 10%, or up$0.12 at $1.37 per share.

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