Fukushima is Out of Control – Again

The surest evidence of a censured and compromised media is the absence of honest coverage on what is happening in Fukushima Japan. Did you know that the core in at least one reactor has breached all manmade containments and is burning its way slowly into the earth? When it hits a water table, the likelihood of an explosion underground many times more powerful than the nuclear bomb that destroyed Hiroshima in the second world war is all but assured.

The trillion dollar question is, will that explosion be enough to catalyze a seismic event or events that will cause the remaining reactors to melt through their respective containment barriers into the earth, and cause more massive underground explosions?

In full anticipation of the smug dismissal of those too inured by their own habitual complacency to appreciate the truth of what is going on, we need to, at the very least, share as much as possible the valid information emanating from the site by TEPCO employees themselves and others still residing around Fukushima. It is imperative that in every possible way, we pressure local and federal governments in the western world to monitor the situation through a physical presence that does not rely on the ongoing measured output of selected information by TEPCO and the Japanese government seeking to minimize panic.

Particularly along the west coasts of Canada, the United States, Mexico, Central America and South America, where the daily influx of hundreds of tonnes of radioactively contaminated water is incrementally swirling across the Pacific to these coastal waters, the restriction of information is a significant threat.

With radioactive steam surging from deep fissures in the earth as a result of the melted core’s progress through successive layers of water saturated substrate, the quantity of radioactive contamination of both atmosphere and pelagosphere is intensifying.

Simply put, Fukushima is out of control, and the situation is worsening by the day.

Fukushima radiation will reach the coast of North America in 2014.
Fukushima radiation will reach the coast of North America in 2014.

It sounds alarmist, I know, but the bottom line here is we should all be alarmed. Obviously, not to the point of hysteria, but certainly there must be a conscious elevation among citizens of the Americas of demand for participation by western governments in the ongoing attempt to neutralize the disaster still unfolding.

“Radiation to Hit U.S. by 2014”

The most alarming feature of the information set emanating from the mainstream media is the way that radiation pouring into the ocean and the sky is being communicated as “harmless”. That’s funny. I thought radiation was lethal. I thought, and up until just before Fukushima, the media conveyed, the idea that nuclear energy is safe as long as radiation in contained. This article at Salon.com is a perfect case in point. But never mind the sooth-saying rhetoric. Since when did journalists become experts on radiation dispersion and degradation rates?

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