Market Minute: Clinton Foundation, Ian Telfer, Frank Giustra, Urthecast Corp (TSE:UR), NXT Energy Solutions Inc. (CVE:SFD)

Hi I’m James West with your Midas Letter Market Minute for Wednesday, April 23rd, 2015.

Hi I’m James West with your Midas Letter Market Minute
The big news of the day today is the expanding saga of unfolding drama surrounding the Clintons in the U.S. Apparently Frank Giustra and Ian Telfer – two icons of the Canadian mining world – have been implicated in a scheme to influence US politics through donations to the Clinton foundation while Hillary was Secretary of State. It’s a story that just keeps creeping up incrementally in the news since the story was first broken by the New York Times. Telfer apparently made $2.35 million in donations, while Giustra’s $100 million contribution to the charity is a matter of public record.

Not sure where this will lead, but the damage to Hillary Clinton’s chances of becoming president appear substantial.

Among the sub-billion dollar emerging companies today, NexJ Systems Inc.(TSX:NXJ) closed at a 52 week high of $2.60 on light volume of 61,000 shares. The company is a provider of cloud-based software for the delivery of enterprise solutions in the financial services, insurance and healthcare industries.

Midas Letter Portfolio Holding Urthcast Corp. (TSE:UR) touched another 52-week high today closing at $2.50 a share on volume of 685,000 shares, after it announced a partnership with NASA to stream real-time Earth video data from NASA’s High-Definition Earth-Viewing System aboard the International Space Station

Midas Letter Portfolio Holding NXT Energy Solutions Inc. (TSX.V:SFD) closed on a 52-week high today at $2.30 a share on volume of 160,000. The company’s symbol stands for Stress Field Detection, which is the airborne technology the company uses to measure subtle alignments in the gravitational force to identify hydrocarbon reservoirs. Midas Letter subscribers were first alerted to the opportunity back in 2012 when the company was priced at around $0.80 a share

NexGen Energy Ltd., (CVE:NXE) a uranium explorer interviewed on Midas Letter CEO Podcast back in March last year, also touched a 52-week high closing at 60 cents on volume of 2.5 million shares traded.

Also on the venture Patient Home Monitoring (CVE:PHM) traded big volume as usual closing the day down at $1.75 however on volume of 6.8 million shares traded. You could probably build a fortune just trading the spread between intra-week highs and lows on this one.

Gold continue trading rangebound in the 1190 to 1200 dollar level, copper poked its head above $2.70 today for the first time in a while, and WTI closed the day $1.32 higher at $57.48 a barrel.

I’m James West, there’s your Midas Letter Market Minute.

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