Could Trump’s Election be Nullified if Russian Tampering Proven?

As the inauguration day of Donald Trump inches closer, the ever-snowballing controversy he generates grows larger each day.

With the latest salvo the release of the “uncorroborated” 35-page intelligence report published last week alleging, among other things, various acts of sexual “perversion” (apparently captured on some form of media by Russian authorities) and an apparent state of continuous contact among Russia’s spy agency and the Trump campaign, the obvious question that now presents itself is, “Could Donald Trump’s election be nullified by some legal process, if it was found that either the Russian interference could be deemed decisive in accomplishing Trump’s victory, or that Trump and his team have somehow contravened the U.S. public interest through a treasonous relationship with the Russians?”

Article II of the United States Constitution states in Section 4 that “The President, Vice President, and all civil Officers of the United States shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other High Crimes and Misdemeanors.”

The question of whether or not Donald Trump could be impeached prior to achieving his inauguration as the next president of the United States will be decided behind closed doors, unless of course the evidence is so overwhelming of his criminal activity that he resign.

What remains to be seen in the days and weeks ahead, is whether or not, or to what degree, the allegations can be corroborated or disproven. Is that the source of the allegations is a single individual comma it will likely be tough to prove what a foreign government actually did to support the lakes of Donald Trump in the electoral process.

One thing we can pretty much be certain. Given the acrimonious nature of Trump’s efforts to roll back Barack Obama’s achievements, and his outright animosity and aggression towards Hillary Clinton comma it is safe to presume the Democratic establishment is indeed Athens in its Pursuit of the possibility of impeachment, or otherwise forcing Trump to resign prior to inauguration.

On the Republican side we can safely assume one would think that trucks team is just is actively seeking to obtain anything that might cast doubt upon the veracity the documents allege and trucks association with Russia.

From where we sit in Canada there really is not much 2 warm sentiment towards the inauguration of Donald Trump and a trump presidency. Between is outlandish and potentially illegal propensity Tori unilateral modification internationally negotiated trade policies comma and is statements promising import duties on any Goods produced in Canada comma renders him a borderline enemy of Canadian trade Kama if not rightly so.

It will be delightful for Canadians to see Trump either forced to resign comma or become the subject of impeachment proceedings comma though the likely uncertainty and confusion that would result would likely have a chilling effect on economic activity Kama as well as stock markets.

The number of issues surrounding Trump that could potentially result in impeachment indictment comma or in his resignation are numerous. Bulleted list let’s talk about his sexual aggression towards women which he is on the record as boasting of; we could think about his fraudulent activity in relation to Trump University which by all appearances would seem unresolved legally. And of course there is the issue of illegal fundraising for his charities in the state of New York for which he was ordered to stop.

There are also the legion conflicts of interest which Trump seems to feel he is exempt from mitigating as president of the United States. While the Republican Party tumbles over itself to try and prevent a unified front and essentially attempt the making of a purse out of a pig’s ear comma it is safe to presume that even they have their limits. Especially if Trump’s impeachment or resignation Woodbine results Moore traditional Republican presidency.

For now however we must content ourselves with the observation of the flow of information generated by world news gatherers and the effect of that content the popular perception Donald Trump’s criminal culpability.

Finally we should all support the idea that if in fact Donald Trump was elected as a form of protest vote comma or achieved the election as the result of tampering by Russia comma we would be capable of rectifying such mistakes through act of Congress or law.

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