Myopic America Fails to Comprehend the Depth of Credibility Loss

The only thing more astonishing than the everyday facism inherent in Donald Trump’s proclamations is the readiness with which the American media machine seizes on his every statement with variously indignant rage or avid defense. The implications for the United States in the global geopolitical order in failing to cauterize the gaping wound caused by Trump’s ascendancy to the Oval Office are gargantuan, and as it pertains to America’s self-anointed leadership role in democracy, terminal.

America has lost all credibility as a democracy. And the concept of a fair and just nation has been rendered a mockery.

And the fact that America as a nation is incapable of recognizing that and projecting its shame in becoming such is further proof of the utterly dismal moral condition of the formerly great nation of the United States of America.

Trump Embarrassment stumps world leaders

Politicians the world over are fumbling comically trying to balance the need for appeasement of national liberal indignation and feigning fawning sincerity to maintain access to the demagogue called Trump.

His continued ability to trample what have formerly been held aloft as “American” values without the slightest sign of impeachment, despite advocating publicly for sexual assault, being proven a liar on a near daily basis in a substantial percentage of his representations, and plain rudeness toward world leaders bespeaks an almost silent complicity on the parts of all Americans.

Where is the armed rebellion? Where are the champions of democracy? Where is America?

This is what the rest of the world cannot fathom, apart from the faction of neanderthal intelligence who actively support this tyrant.

It is with scant satisfaction that we shall witness the comeuppance for this national devolution from our border, and seek to rebuild the America that was from without, once this scourge has been exorcised.

The only true satisfaction flows from the knowledge that his time is temporary, and his ultimate eviction from the house in which he is unfit to clean the toilets, nevermind pretend to run the country, is imminent.


James West

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