VIDEO: BTU Metals Corp CEO Paul Wood on Gold and Silver Exploration in Ireland

BTU Metals Corp (CVE:BTU) CEO Paul Wood discusses the Dalradian trend that runs through northern UK and Ireland, and host the 4 million ounces of gold Dalradian Mine owned by Dalradian Resources Inc (TSE:DNA) (OTCMKTS:DRLDF) (LON:DALR).


James West: Hey welcome back to Midas Letter Live.  My guest of this segment is Paul Wood. He’s
the CEO of I was gonna say Galway property but it’s BTU Metals Inc.  Paul – thanks for joining me today.

Paul Wood:  Thanks very much for having me.

James West:  BTU metals is operating the Galway property in Ireland. Can you give me an overview what’s the what’s the project all about.

Paul Wood:  That’s correct it’s a gold exploration in Ireland in Galway. It is an extension of the Dalradian
formation which is a formation that goes across Scotland, Northern Ireland and into Galway and west into the Republic
of Ireland. Geological white papers suggest that that’s all relatively as is and accepted and we have 160 square
kilometers of licenses – six continue contiguous licenses – and we have found numerous high-grade gold samples similar
to what they found up in Dalradian in the north where they have 4.4 million ounces of gold at seven grams per tonne.

James West: Sure so you say you’re seeing the exact same style of mineralization and grades and everything in the same geology?

Paul Wood:  Yeah we’re seeing   the same kind of geology as they are, we’re seeing the same kind of rock
samples at surface both in situ and in chip samples and float samples. The geophysics that
we’ve conducted at three levels there’s
been an airborne four survey and two
ground based surveys suggest multiple
vane structures which is also similar
and then the soil geochemistry that
we’ve taken over a square kilometre a
particular target area suggests multiple
sources of gold as well okay so have you
done any drilling at this point we have
not done any drilling ourselves this
property they discovered gold on it in
the 1980s and back at that point in the
and of the property there was some
drilling where they got 15 grams per ton
mm-hmm okay so I’m assuming that in 2018
there will be a drill program that’s
right there are three areas so far that
we’ve identified that are ready for
drilling or very near already for
drilling one is where they drilled in
the past where we’ve gone ourselves and
gotten samples of 26 grams per tonne and
up to 4.8% copper so that’s one area
where we will look to drill another is
in the center of the property where
float sample a float sample of 195 grams
per ton was collected in the 80s I
myself on a due diligence trip found a
sample for 49 grams per ton so that’s a
particular area where there’s appear to
be multiple veins and I will be drilling
there okay are there any producing mines
on the del Radian trend anywhere in that
part of the world at this point up in
Omaha there’s an old producing mine that
I think is getting extended but
Ireland’s been known for its zinc mainly
it’s got the biggest zinc mine in Europe
when it comes to gold it’s really been
Dahl radians discovery that has set set
it on fire and there are multiple
companies looking as a result okay so
then what is the environment like in
terms of mining permitting mining sort
of regulation in that part of the world
right well radians up in the North’s was
actually in the UK so it’s a different
jurisdiction they’re going through their
permitting process at the moment we’re
in the South and the Republic of Ireland
and I think it’s the fifth year in a row
that they’ve been rated by the Fraser
Institute as the number one jurisdiction
for mining policy in the world really
and they’ve just gone up from ninth
overall to number four overall as a
mining jurisdiction in the world so it’s
very very positive
the government’s targeting it as
potential development area at the PDAC
recently the minister was was here and
hosted a breakfast all the ministry
people were here and yeah there’s a big
reach out and they will work with us
sure precious metals and the companies
that explore for them have not exactly
been the darlings of the market yet how
is the climate for raising capital for
such a project like this the these are
heavy lifts right now it’s even though
the commodities are in there and the
commodities are holding up and actually
doing quite well but the stocks
underlying not so much right now the
other sectors are stealing the Thunder
but we are able to raise money and we
will continue to advance the project you
know the the good side for the investor
is that this this 160 square kilometer
property with multi ounce findings is a
2 million market cap at the moment so
cast that forward a little bit of
drilling and and track continue to track
along the dahle Radian path and 400
million that’s kind of the arbitrage
that’s the dream right right so as soon
as all the crypto market and the
cannabis market collapse in 2020 we’ll
have a gold market again so is back so
these things do are cyclical and I don’t
think this time it’s different when this
comes back it’ll come back with a
vengeance would be my guess but that’s
another speculative sure statement okay
well that’s a great introduction we’ll
leave it there for now we’ll come back
to in a couple quarters time and see how
the results have turned out thanks for
coming in today thanks very much James

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