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International Cannabis Solutions is prepping for the legalisation of marijuana in Canada and recently launched “Cannabis in the Workplace,” at the first international, multi-language, evidenced-based medical and legal cannabis program geared towards educating employees. CEO Kevin Hall joins us to talk about it and investment opportunities.


James West: Kevin, thanks for joining me today.

Kevin Hall: Thanks for having me.

James West: Kevin, tell me about International Cannabis Solutions: what is it, and what do you do?

Kevin Hall: Well, we’d like to be the elite go-to for health care and cannabinoid solutions, so B2B stuff, science and education products for all stakeholders, even the ones that are experts; we always had something to add.

James West: Mm-hmm. So you’ve got primarily a focus on cannabis in the workplace, if I’m not mistaken?

Kevin Hall: Well, we just rolled out last Tuesday our international platform in three languages, enabled to help cities and businesses of any size to assist with policy change. You’ve seen Sunlife came out with covering some cannabis, so we do some analysis on top prescriptions being prescribed and what that opportunity cost is for short term and long term for their health care needs for their –

James West: Sure. So is it best categorized, then, as an information resource for government and business administrators?

Kevin Hall: I think it’s more of a, kind of an elite education for all stakeholders.

James West: Okay. So you’ve assembled a body of research, data, scientific papers…

Kevin Hall: We’ve got over 200 years combined experience in HR, medicine, pharmacology, we’ve been partnering with the top legal firm in Canada, Brazeau Seller. So we’ve got the expert team to cover multi, all the different kinds of disciplines necessary.

James West: Sure. So what is the revenue model for the company?

Kevin Hall: Well, the revenue model is pro forma, probably. It’s based on expected earnings for how many contracts we can sign with various levels, which is very conservative, obviously, as we gear up. We actually just spent the last year getting a lot of lobbying across Canada to all levels of government to let them know that this is our team, we are accredited, we are real international experts with international teams, and now we’re starting to roll out and really, now that we’ve built the team, we’ve built the content, now it’s time to –

James West: Okay. So I’m a multinational conglomerate with operations in Canada, I’ve got employees who I know are cannabis patients. Am I going to be looking to you to advise me on how to interact and create policy around their environment?

Kevin Hall: Exactly.

James West: Oh, okay.

Kevin Hall: Exactly, and also, how to accommodate for the patient, and know what your rights are as an employer, and for the employee. I don’t know if you seen the story about the Toronto Police Services, a couple of their guys ate some edibles and had to call an ambulance –

James West: Yes, right.

Kevin Hall: So we call that a PR nightmare that we could have hopefully prevented by educating the police services on, you know, what to be aware of.

James West: Don’t eat the candies.

Kevin Hall: Don’t eat the candies. Well, it sounds silly, but you know, a lot of people just don’t know what’s going on.

James West: Sure. Well, they’re innocent-looking enough, but I’ve experienced their potency myself. So in that case, so exactly how are you going to build the audience, and what is the objective? Is there an investors’ opportunity here?

Kevin Hall: Yeah, absolutely. We’re probably going to be raising about 4 million in the next four to six weeks, which is part of the reason why we rolled this out now: to show that once we have the product, we can actually have proper pro forma numbers, and we probably will be taking this public like in the next 18 months.

James West: Okay, so tell me about the team.

Kevin Hall: The team, we’ve got Hilda Gan, she’s ex-ICU nurse and also she had, her company was rated on the Top 20 companies to work for in Canada two years in a row. She’s a seasoned veteran. We’ve got a real heavyweight out of New York for HR down there named Rod Colon; he’s also a motivational speaker. Dr. Ira Price out of Hamilton and Dr. Joseph Rosado out of Florida…

James West: And where are you based?

Kevin Hall: Out of Toronto.

James West: Out of Toronto. Okay, great. Well then, so as a, in terms of the government, are you affiliated with the government or certified by the government in any way?

Kevin Hall: Well, we’re certainly on all the RFP lists now, and we’ve talked to most of the Secretariats across the country; they certainly know who we are. We are focused, in terms of government, on evidence-based policy change; that is what Justin Trudeau ran on.

James West: Sure.

Kevin Hall: We’ve done significant lobbying around the vaping aspect, because what they weren’t aware of is, when a doctor sends you home, part of your treatment program is actually to get out and be social, and not close your blinds and be depressed because you’re in pain. And what they’re telling them to do is basically go home and smoke your cannabis, and go be depressed and hopefully don’t kill yourself.

James West: I was going to say, most of that cannabis is not something that would make me that social necessarily.

Kevin Hall: But they have a social avenue, you know, and implying over-regulations where there’s no real evidence to show that there’s any real harm being done…

James West: Right.

Kevin Hall: Like, if you’re going there and you know it’s a cannabis vape lounge, then you’re bringing your own supply and you’re trying to be social with other people, and it’s also part of a lifestyle, too, and it’s been going on for many years in California and all over. In Ontario, you know, they really…so we try to bring that evidence and the research to the politicians. And I’m also a registered health care lobbyist too, so I do get the meetings, and I am able to – I don’t know how much influence I really have, but they’re good listeners.

James West: Wow. Okay, that’s a great introduction. We’re going to leave it there for now; thanks so much for your time today.

Kevin Hall: Thank you.

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