VIDEO: New Point Exploration Corp Cobalt Project on Canadian Coast


New Point Exploration Corp (CNSX:NP) CEO Bryn Gardener-Evans Talks about their Cobalt project in Newfoundland and is financing a deal to complete 100% ownership of the property. New Point is also interested in Lithium opportunities in Nevada.


James West:    Bryn, thanks for joining me today.

Bryn Evans:    You’re welcome, James. It’s good to be here.

James West:    Bryn, tell me a bit about your project. You’ve got a cobalt-lithium project in Eastern Canada.

Bryn Evans:    We have a cobalt project in Newfoundland, on the Avalon Peninsula, so we’ve just been granted an option to acquire 100 percent of the property. We’re in the middle of raising $500,000 to complete the acquisition, and we’re also going to be looking at other assets in Nevada, more on the lithium side.

James West:    Oh, okay.

Bryn Evans:    We’re starting on the cobalt project out in Newfoundland right now.

James West:    I see. So what area of Newfoundland.

Bryn Evans:    It’s on the Avalon Peninsula, so it’s near Chance Cove, sort of the north side.

James West:    Right. So you’ve got quite a well-known sort of track record in the industry. What have you been doing with the rest of your life?

Bryn Evans:    Well, previous to joining the company I’ve been working as a retail broker at Richardson GMP for the last number of years, running an institutional and retail client book. I was previously with HSBC and McQuarrie as well. McQuarrie was taken over by Richardson, GMP.

James West:    Right.

Bryn Evans:    I sold my book last year and have been looking for an opportunity; this one came along, so it’s something I get really excited about. (unintelligible) original financiers of Pure Energy Metals, so I’ve been around the lithium space for quite some time.

James West:    So, you saw the success and said “I’m on the wrong side of that desk!”

Bryn Evans:    Wrong side of the desk, yeah. So this is a great – this is going to be a great – you know, we’ve got a great number of projects that we’re looking at.

James West:    Right. The game plan, I guess, would be to raise some money…

Bryn Evans:    Do some exploration.

James West:    Do some exploration, acquire some additional projects –

Bryn Evans:    Yeah.

James West:    What is it about the battery metals industry that attracts you?

Bryn Evans:    Well, with everything that’s going on in the electric car space with Tesla and everybody else, we’ve recently seen Apple cut a deal with a number of different suppliers to access cobalt directly. So we’re starting to see a real shift in what’s been going on in the industry previously, and they’re looking at junior companies to supply them with that.

James West:    So besides Apple, have you seen any indications that other big industrial players are making a move into the space directly who might have a big demand for cobalt? Like, perhaps, Tesla?

Bryn Evans:    We haven’t at this point. The only deal I’m aware of that Tesla cut in the early days, which, you know, if we look back four or five years ago, was with Pure Energy, a type of offtake agreement to acquire lithium from the.

James West:    Sure.

Bryn Evans:    But other than that, we haven’t seen any of the majors come in, but I think it’s something that we’re going to start to see.

James West:    Sure. Okay, let’s leave it there for now, Bryn. We’ll come back to you in a quarter’s time and see how you’re doing. Thanks for your time.

Bryn Evans:    All right. Thanks, James.

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