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Khiron Life Sciences Corp (CVE:KHRN) is putting the cannabis sector on notice, that Colombia is coming.  With Khiron’s climate-tailored cultivation method, they are likely to become the lowest cost producers among all publicly traded companies.


Darren Collins – Khiron CFO: The way that I view the Columbian market is it’s really like rewinding five years ago where we were in Canada at that point, an emerging opportunity that is you know very much been untapped.

Six hundred and twenty million people living in Latin America. Sixty millions of those people potentially are candidates for treatment of conditions with medical cannabis. That’s twice the population of Canada. As one of the first licensees and one of the first to receive quota, we’re really tip of the spear.

Alvaro Torres – Khiron CEO: We’re planning all of the operations. We’re planning all the financing. We’re planning the symposium for tomorrow to start telling all the doctors, all the patients that Khiron is coming.

Dr. Daniel Schecter: This is the first symposium on medical cannabis in Columbia. To present them with the justification from a physiological, from a medical, from a safety, from an efficacy perspective as to why cannabis based medicines maybe a viable option for some of their patients.

Matt Murphy (Khiron): So, my role as Chief Compliance Officer here is to bring the same level of compliance that DEA mandates to the pharmaceutical industry. I was previously the Chief Pharmaceutical Investigations for DEA. I was a special agent with the DEA for 26 years. To take that level of compliance and apply it here brings instant credibility and legitimacy to this industry.

James West: At this point in time it seems Columbia is now in the lead in many respects, especially medically. Is that one of the opportunities you are seeking to capture for Columbia

Senator Juan Manuel Galan: Yes! One of the themes we wanted to develop in Columbia is scientific research. That scientific research has to be done with the doctors. The doctors are going to recommend or prescribe cannabis for their patients. In order for them to be confident to know that there is scientific evidence and support.

That’s why we prohibited it in the law; the exportation of the flower. We wanted the flower to be transformed here in Columbia.

Alvaro Torres: The entire area is 45 000 square meters. That will include the lab area, the extraction. What we’ve secured with the land owners is an option to lease another 16 hectares. That’s 1.6 million square feet.

Alvaro Torres: As you can see there’s plenty of sun here.

James West: Yeah.

Alvaro Torres: We actually have 12 hours, exact 12 hours every day. We’re also connected to an underground well which is 12 liters per second. Which is enough to have the entire 20 hectares in the underground water, we don’t have to pay any public utilities.

Ricardo Arboleda – Khiron Master Grower: We are establishing the hydroponic cultivation method for climate control. We are using mist and shade and fans instructions for pop air. We are running more than 60 times the whole volume for the greenhouse per hour.

Alvaro Torres: Yielding 8.6 tons of dried flower per year

Ricardo Arboleda: In this greenhouse

Darren Collins: When you look at the capital in the operating cost in comparison to really any other jurisdiction in the world, it’s very compelling. Cost per gram on the flower at scale of 10 cents, 35 cents per gram equivalent on the extract.

Alvaro Torres: So, I mean we’ve left nothing to chance. I know it looks different because it’s outside and it’s not that controlled but you know you can grow this plant in very good conditions and still keep very good quality control.


James West

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