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James E Wagner Cultivation Corporation (CVE:JWCA) is the only Canadian LP to grow Cannabis using aeroponic technology. What is aeroponics and how does it benefit cannabis THC, CBD and terpene content? Join us for a tour of the company’s Kitchener, Ontario.


Nathan Woodward CEO: JWC was founded over 10 years ago. Previous to that I was actually on disability.  I had severe chronic contractible migraines. So I turned to cannabis, and within a couple of years it turned my life around. My family joined me under the MMAR, many of them suffered from conditions which I knew could be helped. We turned to my grandfather, James Wagner, all his life he grew a variety of things, and he grew cannabis too. He showed me my first cannabis plant back in the day.

So we’re a family business.  A family of patients and growers who have founded a company to bring our unique medicine to the larger group of patients here in Canada.

James West: You grow here Aeroponically as opposed to Hydroponically or conventionally; what is the difference between growing aeroponics, hydroponics and growing in dirt.

Nathan Woodward: We eliminate any potential intermediary and provide our nutrition in the form of liquid nutrients directly to the root mass of the plant, using a special type of misting spray that allows the plant to optimally absorb the nutrients that we provide.  There is no chemistry involved in soil composition or in substrate monitoring so we can optimize directly to the conditions that the plant requires.

Because of the high efficiency of our system, we use less nutrients, we use, you know, no pesticides.  All of these other elements of cost which also create work and therefore increase the number of employees required to service the plants are simply no present when you consider aeroponics and the JWC approach.

This is our vegetative room, we’ve got a large group of Rockstar Kush plants, this is a terrific producer comes out at about 24.5 percent THC usually.

As we come down here, we have a group of Chemdawg plants, now these plants are just getting ready to move under the screen training into their next phase.  Chemdawg a beautiful plant, comes out only at a bout 17 or 18 percent THC, but it has a wonderful earthy flavour.  This is one of my own personal favourite strains.

Nathan Woodward: We run a perpetual harvest cycle, so one of our flowering rooms every week will produce a harvest.  We have 5 flowering rooms just like this one, each one of those harvesting rooms can produce about 4kg of product every week which gives us an estimated production capacity of around 1,500 kg every year from this pilot location.

Laura Foster CCO: This is one of our C-Vaults that we use to store the product.  It’s completely air-tight and they’re stainless steel which makes for easy sanitization. And inside we have some of our Rockstar Kush, there is actually about 1KG of product in here which translates into roughly $10,000 dollars worth of value. So this product looks a little bit different – this is our Cannitonic, it’s extremely low in THC and it’s between 11 and 12 percent CBD.

The goal of this is to preserve the trichomes on the outside of the bud.  All of the cannabinoids are contained within those trichomes and so that’s why we take great care to preserve them.  Looks really good by the way.

Nathan Woodward: This is the old Leer seating manufacturing plant.  We are taking it over now, construction is well under-way.  I anticipate we’ll have somewhere between 125 and 140 flowing rooms at this location, but on average we’re going to harvest approximately 4kg of cannabis every week from every one of those flowering rooms 52 out of the year.  Now that works out to about 28,500 kg of cannabis out of this location once we’re at full production on a yearly basis.  By the time all is said and done, we’ll spend between 35 and 40 million dollars building one of the most advanced cultivation facilities in the world.

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