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Cannvas MedTech Inc (CNSX:MTEC) (FRA:3CM) CEO Shawn Moniz describes the company’s business plan and shareholder proposition after becoming a publicly traded company on the Canadian Securities Exchange this week. Cannvas MedTech are a business technology company primarily focused on the cannabis space. The company designs and builds customer curated platforms which uses data to understand their partners customers, the industry, and key business drivers. They are looking to place cannabis education at the forefront of their service offerings, where the global cannabis community can use interactive tools and physician-backed content to learn about cannabis related healthcare.


James West:    My guest this segment is Shawn Moniz. He’s the CEO of Cannvas MedTech Inc., which went public today on the CSE under the symbol MTEC. Shawn, thanks for joining me today.

Shawn Moniz:   Thank you very much for having me.

James West:    Shawn, haven’t had any exposure to your company, and so I don’t even know what it does. I’m assuming it’s got to be cannabis-related, because that’s what we do here, but tell me about Cannvas MedTech. What is it you do?

Shawn Moniz:   Sure. So Cannvas MedTech is a business technology company, and right now we’re focusing on the cannabis space. What we did is, we looked at what is happening in the space and where can you actually create a solution that doesn’t overlap a lot of the players that are in the segment. And what we found is, there’s a lot of growers, and there’s a lot of users; but in between, there is something that was missing. And even from a personal story, with my father, who suffers from rheumatoid arthritis, he was looking for alternative pain treatments. When we went online, a few sites had information about cannabis, but nothing, really, that pointed us in a curative fashion to learn about the space. Is this something that he should be going on? What are the pros, what are the cons?

So that education piece really was the gap. And so Cannvas MedTech is designing, and it’s soon to be launched this summer, its inaugural platform of, which is a consumer-centric health sciences platform focused on the education of cannabis use.

So whether or not you go on cannabis, it doesn’t matter to us; we win so long as you learn.

James West:    Okay.

Shawn Moniz:   So you’re coming to the site, you know nothing about it, you’re learning about the differences between hemp oil versus cannabis oil, THC, CBD, and a myriad of other different articles and solutions to see is this right for you. And that’s why we actually tagged our slogan as Health Care Through Cannabis. So it’s really on the education of, is this right for me? And then you’re now informed to go have that conversation with your physician and carry on.

James West:    Okay. So you’re primarily a cannabis media company?

Shawn Moniz:   Not so media. We’re more – so, Lift does a great job on that; they’re a media company. Leafly does a good job with the content of the end users. We’re in that middle space. So we’re not coming to the market and saying it’s us versus Lift or us versus Leafly; we’re actually right in the middle, right in that spot where it’s the education focus. And then if you want to see the community of what people are using and the media about it, you can then go to Lift. If you want to read about what people are reviewing and saying, you can go more to Leafly. We have those components, but our main focus is on the education piece. That is the biggest gap that no one really seems to have, and so that’s where we’ve plugged in.

James West:    So you’re a cannabis educator?

Shawn Moniz:   Yes.

James West:    Okay, good to know. How do you make money?

Shawn Moniz:   So right now, with user engagement on the site. We’re trying to partner up with Health Canada, with the academic circles – so, research facilities, universities, for their content. We’re collecting a lot of different data, just like any other website, of what people want, what they don’t want, what they like, what they don’t like, and it’s very contextualized, meaning, if someone is in Vancouver, Toronto, Sydney, Germany, or South America, the site changes.

James West:    Okay.

Shawn Moniz:   It shows different articles, blogs, even academy content of learning that suits that geographical area. If it’s legal, we also show some of the support groups, physicians and clinics that are around you, and talk about the legal ways to proceed with that conversation with your physician to get onto cannabis as a health care treatment.

James West:    Okay, so that’s great. Then would you say that the person that you’re targeting is somebody who is not formerly a cannabis user, or a well experienced cannabis user, or somewhere in between?

Shawn Moniz:   That’s a very good question. So, we designed the platform for seven different audiences, whether you’re a nurse practitioner, an HCP, a caregiver, a patient, a adult use, even insurance companies – anybody that would want to be part of the space, has a place on

So, our target audience is more of the 30-plus, people that are looking into serious treatments within the cannabis space. But whether you’ve used it or you’ve just been confronted with the stigma for the past 50 years, we will help you learn about the different uses of cannabis. So there’s a wide variety of different audiences that can benefit from the platform, a wide variety of different verticals, and then as you mentioned, collecting all that data and serving it back to the community to enrich them on different education pieces…just imagine if we were to team up with some of the hospitals in Northern Ontario. And I’ll use an example where you have a male, 18 to 25; he’s doing construction work and he’s looking for pain treatments for lower back pain. And if he’s going on the site and he’s learning about the different strains that help with that ailment, but then, let’s fast-forward when different methods of ingestion are legal, and he wants a CBD patch.

James West:    Okay.

Shawn Moniz:   That information going back to the government will then inform health care practitioners in and around that area, educational facilities, nurse practitioners, on the type of geographical elements that are in that area for people that want to learn about cannabis. So, when I talk about the site being very contextualized, it’s those data points that we’re collecting, analyzing, serving back to the end user so that they can have a real meaningful interaction with our platform, but also that information, aggregated on a whole, can start informing the industry on what it needs to do, what content needs to be curated, and what type of action the government may need to take in certain geographical areas.

James West:    Interesting. So the content is curated, but it sounds like it’s algorithmically curated, not necessarily curated by a live person, based on where the user logs on from, geographically?

Shawn Moniz:   It’s both.

James West:    Oh.

Shawn Moniz:   So, we take a very data-centric approach with CRM, meaning, what people view, don’t view, click on, don’t click on, and whether they start at Module 1 and the progress to Module 5, and whether they’re in Toronto or Australia; that content is curated, not only for the persona that you link up with – so if You’re a male, female, over 30, under 30 – the different types of uses and types of ailments that you want to get relief from, feeds into that persona, and that’s the algorithms that kick in. your location, your demographics, your firmographics, everything and about 1,000 other data points that we collect to make the engagement more meaningful, but also to derive some insights that we could serve back to the cannabis community.

James West:    Interesting. So, how do you accumulate all this information? Do you produce the sort of curriculum material, or do you license it from somebody, or do you have a relationship with educators elsewhere who provide the material to the platform?

Shawn Moniz:   So what we did is, we created a Health Innovation Board, and with that, a couple of physicians signed on with us to help curate the content, to make sure that it is unbiased and is a trustworthy source. We also had industry experts, SMEs, we do have partnerships with different academic circles to provide the content for medical and scientifical research. So it’s a whole bunch of people within that academic circle that could be, you know, arm’s length from any one entity that may want to skew the data or skew the content in one way or another. So we have to stay in that middle ground for fair balance and make sure that we are 100 percent non-biased.

James West:    Yeah, for sure. So, would companies with products that want to access the market, would you have a platform for them to engage with your audience with an eye towards, you know, maybe their products are kind of like something appropriate? And is that sort of something that you would seek to create a partnership around?

Shawn Moniz:   We’re always open to different partnerships, and on the product side, we have to be very careful to make sure that we’re not showing a product or offering a product or mentioning any type of product before we quantify that this person is “ready”, meaning, they’ve gone through enough content, they’ve raised their hand and asked for additional information regarding certain products or different methods of ingestion – until they take that action and say, “I’d like to be contacted more”, we’re not going to be putting different products or different type of partnership media placements within the site. It has to be on an opt-in basis, as they curate their own journey.

James West:    Sure. Okay, well, that’s excellent, Shawn. We’re going to leave it there for now. We’ll come back to you in a quarter’s time and see how you’re progressing. Thanks for coming in today.

Shawn Moniz:   Thank you very much. Appreciate it.

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