VIDEO: Follow The Money Investor Group Co-Founders Discuss Buying Canopy Growth Corp at $1.60

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Canopy Growth Corp (TSE:WEED) (NYSE:CGC) (FRA:11L1) was one of the first successful investments for Follow The Money Investor Group Co-Founders (FTMIG). Brandon Colwell and Karl Boyd join James West in the Midas Letter studio to discuss their site’s potential to host constructive market discussion. Colwell and Boyd stress the due diligence and research commitment of FTMIG members. The trio examine the current state of cannabis stocks and evaluate potential growth in mining.  They outline the impact of the futures trading market on stagnant copper prices. Colwell talks about the growing number of knowledgeable retail investors interested in cannabis and how a community like FTMIG helps this type of investor.


James West:   Hey, welcome back to Midas Letter Live. My guest in this segment is Brandon Colwell and Karl Boyd.

Karl Boyd:    It’s a hard one.

James West:   I know! The co-founders of Follow The Money Investor Group, which you can find online at, or Facebook/followthemoneyinvestorgroup, all written out just like that. Gentlemen, thanks for joining me.

Karl Boyd:    You did that without even looking, too. That was fantastic.

James West:   I finally memorized it, because I said it 50 times before we started. So, Follow The Money Investor Group: tell me, how did it get started? How many members do you have, what’s the whole story?

Brandon Colwell:   Well, it started right here, and co-founder.

Karl Boyd:    Yeah, absolutely. You know what, my partner and I, we were in another group just speculating in the cannabis stocks about two or three years ago, and we really, really enjoyed that group. But there was a lot of conversations that weren’t being – it wasn’t very constructive.

James West:   Pumperdoodles?

Karl Boyd:    Well, yeah a lot of them. A lot of pumperdoodle.

James West:   [laughter] I hate that!

Karl Boyd:    I think it’s worse, though, just – it’s okay for people to not agree, but it’s how you’re going to go about your conversation and, you know, being constructive, right? So instead of fighting and arguing with people, which we were doing, we wanted to just, you know? Let’s do our own thing. Started our own Facebook group, and we’ll let people talk, but we’ll just moderate it, you know, a little bit, and people are just going to be insulting others, we’re not going to have that, right? So that’s sort of how it started.

James West:   Oh, okay.

Brandon Colwell:   And it’s just grown ever since. I mean, I came in around November or so, and they – remember Karl telling me, who on earth is this guy who just keeps talking? And I was a huge cannabis – still am, a huge cannabis advocate, because I’ve been in cannabis since Bedrocan. So I had Canopy at $1.60, and I never looked back.

James West:   Wow. So you’re one of those 2,600 percent winners.

Brandon Colwell:   It was pretty good, it was pretty good. I actually sold that and went into Aurora at $2.00.

James West:   Wow!

Brandon Colwell:   So I kept going. I had a few bad ones.

James West:   Are you bragging or complaining?

Brandon Colwell:   Bragging, but then comes January. There was a few not-so-smart decisions there, but it’s just nice to see the progression that the Group has made over the last six to eight months, where it was focused on just a couple of stocks, just people coming together, wanting to talk about a company together without everyone bashing and screaming from side to side, to now we cover well over 50 different companies in cannabis, in blockchain, energy and mining. Really, if someone’s talking about it in our group, we start looking into it and we start growing from that. So it’s been a really interesting journey over the last little while.

James West:   Okay, so people are coming and joining this group to find investment ideas, to discuss investments they’re in where they find a common community without any pumping or bashing?

Karl Boyd:    In a constructive way, yeah.

James West:   Okay, interesting. So you’re in cannabis, cryptocurrency or blockchain?

Karl Boyd:    Yeah.

James West:   And mining.

Karl Boyd:    And mining.

James West:   How Canadian.

Brandon Colwell:   Yeah. And the mining is actually relatively new for myself personally. I was always cannabis, cannabis, cannabis, but then I started branching over just a few months ago with Karl and a bunch of others; we have some people who’ve been on oil rigs and been mining themselves for years. It’s an interesting sector, and I think you could attest that right now is a pretty interesting time for it, because it’s drilling season, especially for Canada.

Karl Boyd:    Everybody should go look at charts.

Brandon Colwell:   Seriously. And, so it’s been very interesting.

James West:   Huh. So tell me about some of the cannabis plays that you’re in, or the stories that you’re in now, that are popular on your group. What’s really hot?

Karl Boyd:    You want to start?

Brandon Colwell:   Yeah. Several, although some not so much in the right way. It’s been an interesting time, as a lot of valuations hit record highs and then have just come down and down and down. I personally think – this is just a personal opinion – now is the time you should be looking into getting back into some of these plays, because the summer lows are getting very close. I was watching today, actually, several of them are hitting their 52-week low. So you know, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a time to buy, but it’s a good time to at least look into them.

So a few that people were looking into, I know Maricann is a huge story a lot of people are talking about because that stock has also had its really high and come down for low as well, and it’s interesting, because there’s a lot of controversy. I’ve seen you on here with Ben before, talking about controversies there…

Karl Boyd:    I like Ben.

Brandon Colwell:   It’s a great company, and there’s a lot of interesting things there, but this private placement that’s about to close, I think August 9th was the date? It’s interesting, because that could be the turning of a page of a new chapter, because a lot of the things that plagued them are now in the past. They’re now financed to the next phase, so a lot of people are like, okay, when is it going to move? When is it going to move? When is it going to move?

James West:   Right. They’re pretty well distributed around the world.

Brandon Colwell:   Very much so, out in Malta, out in Germany, their hemp is coming out. So a lot of people, a lot of our investors, are actually talking about that stock, because it’s a great value that they see personally, but just they’re curious: can they make the next step? So that’s what people are looking for: they’re looking for those ones that could still be that two bagger or three bagger or more.

James West:   Right. Do you notice sort of the similarities between the sort of the summer drift in the cannabis stocks that we call Muskoka fever, and that you see in mining stocks when there’s a good mining market? If there’s been a boom in mining stocks in the beginning of the year, we see the drift happen, the sell in May and go away kicks in. But in years where there’s nothing, no money to be made, it’s just like flatline right across the year.

Karl Boyd:    Yeah, it’s double trouble. Like, you could kill it in mining and then flip into cannabis, right?

Brandon Colwell:   I think a lot of people are trying that, too.

Karl Boyd:    Yeah. Full disclosure: Maricann is a client of ours. I don’t want any liability.

James West:   Very cool. Oh, so you guys also take on client contracts with issuers?

Brandon Colwell:   In mining, as well.

James West:   And obviously, full disclosure, you disclose it.

Brandon Colwell:   Exactly. Exactly.

Karl Boyd:    We’ve toured that facility. It’s brilliant.

James West:   Yeah, the Maricann one?

Karl Boyd:    Yes.

Brandon Colwell:   In Langton.

James West:   We haven’t been there yet, and we’re going to.

Brandon Colwell:   Really? Yeah, because that Phase I is getting closer and closer to being finished. I remember I went there because we also went to Matica in Quebec, and it was 10,000 square feet. It was a beautiful, beautiful place, and then you were able to go to that Langton facility and go, ‘Oh my goodness’. I didn’t know that cannabis facilities were made that big.

James West:   Really.

Brandon Colwell:   That was impressive.

Karl Boyd:    And you know, it’s funny he brings up Matica. That was actually, that was the company that I started talking about in the other Facebook group that we were in, and it had a lot of haters, and probably for some good reasons. But I saw opportunity, because I thought, you know what? I believed at that time there was still a lot of hype in that space, which turned out to be true. And so I was an early speculator in cannabis as well, and then right after the November halts, if you guys will remember, I decided to – I re-evaluated, and I said, you know what? I’m going to pull my money from the big LPs and I want to get into a late-stage applicant, because, you know, those things were really taking off in the sector, right? Like, huge gains.

And so my partner and I, we found Matica because they had issued a news release that they were looking to get into a late-stage, and the stock was trading around $0.025, $0.03. But because they had some failures in the past, and there was a lot of haters, a lot of people holding the bag, and that’s when people were not being constructive with their arguments. So you know what? I said, you know, let’s go down – like, I Googled the address, I’m like wow, they’re in downtown Toronto. This is where I live. Knock on the door, walk in, I meet the CEO, and, you know, got a feel for him. And I left after a couple of meetings with him, I felt, you know what, they’re very serious about, you know, picking up a late-stage applicant. So I kept increasing my position, and then I actually got into a private placement with them and ended up doing very, very well.

James West:   What’s the symbol on that?

Brandon Colwell:   MMJ.

James West:   MMJ?

Karl Boyd:    Can’t beat that ticker.

James West:   That’s a pretty good ticker, all right.

Karl Boyd:    They’re not a client of ours, let’s just – you know. And their stock has really just tanked, with many others.

Brandon Colwell:   Waiting for the cultivation license.

James West:   Oh, yeah, look at that chart.

Karl Boyd:    Absolutely, and there’s been some delays, and they don’t have their license yet, right? So we’ll see what happens. I still own a ton of my warrants with them.

James West:   Oh, okay. So then, if, you know, cannabis is doing its thing, I agree that I think there’s going to be some screaming buys. There’s going to be a whole bunch of value catalysts once everybody comes back from Muskoka. But what about mining? Now, we’re looking at Sokoman Gold, and it’s up –

Brandon Colwell:   SIC. S-I-C.

James West:   It is sick!

Brandon Colwell:   It’s been a sick run the last little while.

James West:   Sometimes the symbol just so well matches the performance of the stock. So, you know, like, and then NASDAQ Magazine published a story, apparently, that said that Canadian cannabis and gold deals are back on.

Brandon Colwell:   Yeah, really? I didn’t see that one.

James West:   Which I thought was interesting, because it’s like one screaming hole and the whole industry is back on? That’s an interesting point.

Brandon Colwell:   What was it, 44 grams of gold per tonne or something like that?

James West:   Over 11 metres.

Brandon Colwell:   And that was a fantastic run, and then, I was watching it earlier today – it had a run, I think it pulled back a little bit. I haven’t seen the last couple of hours.

James West:   It’s 49, now.

Karl Boyd:    Yeah, so it’s pulled back a little bit. But man, that chart is just –

Brandon Colwell:   It was on fire, and then you start seeing in our chat room, you started seeing the first mention is “Oh, this is sick. I think this is a pretty good drill result.” Like, okay, okay. And then another person comments. And another person comments. And then you see it on Twitter, and it just exploded, so it was very interesting.

James West:   Yeah.

Karl Boyd:    I want to give a quick little shout out to all of our members, because I did a Facebook live Friday before the long weekend and I told everyone, you know, go out and enjoy your long weekend, but take some time and do your due diligence, especially on these mining plays, because we’re starting to see the volumes pick up. And this morning, just before I came here, crazy the amount of due diligence that these people have done. I learn so much. Even, there’s one of my holdings is Canadian Cobalt, CCW – Canada Cobalt, I think. Anyway, so we’re watching that thing trade, and right on news, all of a sudden there was like blocks of shares coming from a CIBC seller, and someone was doing the due diligence over the weekend and found out that it was one of the directors that was selling. So then people were freaking out, and it’s like no, someone got in contact with that camp and his wife was sick, and that’s why he was selling. So I mean, this is what our group is really about, you know? All of this –

Brandon Colwell:   Research.

Karl Boyd:    Absolutely. And I try to push people to get there and do it. Get on it.

James West:   Yeah, that’s interesting. I mean, part of the reason I was interested in having you guys on in the first place is I’m finding out that the community at large is able to, you know, bring a lot more information to the table than you can even get reading an analyst report.

Brandon Colwell:   It’s unbelievable.

James West:   An analyst report gets the presentation from the company and has to go with that. You guys send people out to the field.

Karl Boyd:    Yeah, absolutely. I would make an argument that some of these retailers do much better due diligence than institutions. I mean, when you bring bright people together that have good intentions, that want to work together and there’s trust involved, it is crazy. You know, we’re in the information age, and you know, that’s what we’re promoting, right?

James West:   Yeah. I was interested in the, like, we just look at the Sable Resources Chart. So these guys put out a hole this morning; there it is, Sable intercepts 514 grams per tonne silver equivalent over 12.4 metres, including 902 grams per tonne equivalent over 4.1 metres. Now, I thought it was interesting, because here we have another screamer hole, this is in Mexico, and yet the stock traded 124,000 shares and is up $0.04.

Karl Boyd:    Ah, Eric Sprott can go into the private

James West:   [laughter] Exactly!

Brandon Colwell:   I’m pretty sure he did go into SIC for 3 million, was it?

James West:   Well, interestingly enough, Tom Obradovich is the CEO of this. He has an office in this building, and he was in the last deal, Barkerville Gold, with Eric Sprott; he was the CEO of Barkerville during the cleanup. So I would have thought that this hole would sort of, you know, where’s the confetti? Where’s the ticker tape parade for this one?

Brandon Colwell:   And you know what’s interesting about that exact point, though? Is that you’ll find, like a Garibaldi is another one: GGI. And full disclosure, we both own stocks in that as well. But what’s interesting is that you can have the best holes or the best result or the best cannabis company; if people don’t know you’re the best, you’re not the best.

Karl Boyd:    Changing of the guard. The retailers are your biggest cheerleaders.

Brandon Colwell:   And they need to find that information. That’s what I loved about Midas Letter, seeing all your interviews you do with the CEOs and the different articles. What we’re doing with our group and our community, bringing people together. We want to show good stories; at the end of the day, one of the main things about our group is, we’re not allowed saying buy, sell or hold. We’re not financial advisors, you cannot say that. There’s legal reasons behind that, there’s ethical reasons, whatever.

Karl Boyd:    And we moderate that. Like, if people do that, you’re out.

Brandon Colwell:   You’ll get kicked out very easily.

James West:   Are you allowed to go and say, “I’m buying SIC today because the chart’s on fire and I think it’s got a lot more to go. There’s another 12 holes at the lab apparently, more results coming in two weeks; I mean, it’s the perfect storm of an opportunity.”

Brandon Colwell:   Due diligence.

Karl Boyd:    Well, yeah.

Brandon Colwell:   Put due diligence with, if you’re going to pump up a stock, or if you’re going to bash a stock, whatever it be; constructive criticism, that’s still good. Have a reason behind it. There’s a difference between saying “Oh, the CEO is terrible, I hate him, blah blah” to “he’s not performing” and you’re actually being an adult about it. You’re bringing some information to the table. That’s important.

Karl Boyd:    Yeah. We just don’t like when people go and start a post, they’re like ‘Hey, go buy Maricann’ or, not buy, go look at – basically, go buy Maricann, it’s going to rock it. Like, I mean, there’s just nothing behind it.

James West:   Well, like Stock House, which is, you know, universally reviled as the domain of bashers and slashers and pumpers and dumpers, you know, and the quality of the conversation is decidedly, I don’t think even Stock House would argue with you, it’s decidedly, it’s ridiculously biased, it’s ridiculously, you know, contrived.

Brandon Colwell:   It is.

James West:   And there’s very little value there in terms of –

Karl Boyd:    It’s so hard to find good information. It’s like online dating, you’re swiping, you know what I mean? You’ve got to sift through all the crap, and we don’t want that.

James West:   Are you guys following any other mining companies that you think have the potential, that are drilling, that might knock one out of the park anytime soon here?

Brandon Colwell:   Yeah, we actually, funny enough, two other clients of ours.

James West:   Okay [laughter]

Brandon Colwell:   But it’s interesting, because the volume has not been there recently, but it has been showing up in the last little while as they started getting through their earnings and actually having the property under their name and beginning drilling for one of them: PGE and MMG, Metallic Minerals and Group Ten Metals.

James West:   Wow, Metallic. I’ve been following that stock for years.

Karl Boyd:    Great management. Great management team.

Brandon Colwell:   Greg Johnson is the CEO there, and we got to go for lunch with him once, and we speak quite regularly over email and things like that since. It was really interesting hearing his story, because he told, not just the story of his company, but he’s told the story of the last 15 years of mining to go with it. You know, talked about how we’ve been in a bear market since 2011, and 2015-16 is when you really started seeing, wait a second, people are talking about it again. People are coming out to PDAC again. And this is starting to – you could see that we may be coming out of a recession, almost, or a bear market, in the mining sector.

Karl Boyd:    Well, yeah. Where we are in the mining, in that cycle, is very interesting.

James West:   You guys follow the metals at all? For example, we’re looking at copper, which there’s three major strikes in the world right now, affecting more or less 5 percent of global supply, yet the copper price is still in the crapper.

Brandon Colwell:   It makes no sense. It makes no sense. The supply crunch –

James West:   And do you subscribe to the theory that the commodities futures trading market is largely responsible for the price inefficiencies that seem to be plaguing the actual price of the metals?

Brandon Colwell:   For me personally, I wouldn’t know enough about the futures market to be able to comment on that – not intelligently, at least. But what I don’t get is, I’ve been reading for years – I took economics in school, I’ve always been fascinated by it. And one thing that people kept talking about was copper, copper, copper, and huge shortage. And I think it started this year, and it’s going to peak in 2020, because there’s no new mines coming up. And when you have a shortage, the invisible hand is supposed to be moving that price upwards, because you know that demand is still there; we’re still building things, we’re still using copper for batteries, for everything else. Yet the price isn’t moving with it. So I don’t know enough to speak on the exact futures, if that’s what’s causing it, but I do know enough to wonder why isn’t it moving.

James West:   Right.

Karl Boyd:    Very interesting.

Brandon Colwell:   So it is something that – I feel like you have an answer to that, though.

James West:   Well, you know, my circle of friends are universally of the opinion that the invisible hand, if you will, the natural market effect of balance in the supply and demand context, has ben completely corrupted by the futures trading market, where the quantity of copper traded in paper contracts far exceeds the amount of physical copper available to trade by a factor of 10 and sometimes 100. And so –

Brandon Colwell:   Saturated?

James West:   Well, it’s, they’re trading, for example, they’re trading $100 billion worth of paper contracts in a market where there’s only $10 billion worth of copper available. So how can that constitute an actual forward price discovery mechanism? It’s actually a forward price determination mechanism, and because they control both sides of the market, the largest trading houses, they’re able to create paper wins for themselves on this teeter-totter.

Karl Boyd:    Manipulation. Do you feel like that’s – yeah, what about gold, too? Do you feel like that’s being manipulated?

James West:   Well, I mean, in contrast to entities like BNN, for example, who will not let anybody on who’s going to say that there’s an inefficiency in gold pricing as a result of a manipulation – despite the fact that we’ve seen multiple cases of attempted prosecutions and prosecutions in progress of gold price manipulation, everywhere from the Gold Price Fix Group in London, to, you know, to, I’m not going to say – well, there’s been futures trading attempts, attempts to reveal the futures trading manipulation by insiders. So you know, the evidence is almost conclusive, I would say, that this situation exists; however, we are sort of supposed to be of the mindset that that’s just the way it is.

Brandon Colwell:   And I hate the term, I hate that term ‘it’s just the way that it is’, because if it’s just the way it is, usually it’s retail investors getting the short end of the stick almost every time. Oh, that’s just the way it is.

James West:   Right, right.

Brandon Colwell:   You just know you can’t go against the institutions. Wrong. Wrong. Retail investors actually have a lot of money in the stock market, and we’re getting more educated. And what’s really interesting, something that I started seeing myself, and just talking to people: when that whole cannabis frenzy happened, the biggest rush was obviously last November. It’s happened for the last three years, but that last November, there were times at TD bank that you were waiting anywhere from a week to two weeks to get your TFSA open. And if you asked them why, they specifically said there are too many people opening up TFSAs because they’re all going into cannabis. They were telling clients this.

So I see, just speaking to a lot of people, that a lot of the investors who are out there right now who went into cannabis in January, February, etcetera, I don’t think they’ve ever invested before. There’s a huge market of people out there like, you know what? This is all skyrocketing. I want a piece of it. And they either had their huge gains or they’re wondering, oh no, what did I do? Because they bought in January or February. That’s a huge amount of people who are now, okay, my money’s in the game now, now I need to start researching. And not that they were unintelligent people; they just didn’t know before. It was scary to them.

Karl Boyd:    Lot of hype there, too.

Brandon Colwell:   Lot of hype as well.

Karl Boyd:    It’s scary when your neighbours are like, hey, I’m going to buy a cannabis stock – they don’t know much about it.

James West:   Sure. Well, new investors are, you know, it’s just a rite of passage that you begin investing emotionally, and you ultimately learn to invest with discipline and forward planning and research. And if you don’t learn that, you’re either extremely lucky, you know, or you’re out of the game and you’ve blown yourself up.

Brandon Colwell:   Yeah, and that’s why it’s so important in my opinion, in Karl’s opinion, in our group’s opinion, to invest in the community. Doesn’t necessarily have to be ours; I think ours is fantastic, there’s a little bit of bias there. But be in a community where you can bounce ideas off of people. You can learn, you can educate yourself. That’s something that’s so important.

Karl Boyd:    Yeah, if you can trust the sources. I mean, don’t –

Brandon Colwell:   If you can trust them.

Karl Boyd:    You can tell, like, I can tell the energy in our chat rooms and, you know, a lot of people just buy stuff because other people are talking about it, which is not – I’m not promoting that, you know.

James West:   Sure. So do you guys track your performance of companies that you’re in, and sort of display a ‘hey, we bought this, we deployed X capital at this time, and now we’re up this much’?

Brandon Colwell:   You know what, it was an idea of mine; it didn’t really pass the legal team, but we can double-check that. That was something I wanted to do, was just to put it up there and track it. I don’t know why it didn’t pass the legal team.

James West:   Okay, well, cause, I think that we should talk about that. Because there is a great opportunity there, both to run a contest, and also to, like, to put some money into your guys’ picks and see how you make out.

Brandon Colwell:   Interesting, we almost did have that contest. There were people who wanted to have it, some of our traders, who trade much more aggressively. Like, we’re talking five screens in front of them, stuck there from the moment it opens to the moment it closes. And we were going to have one of those, but there’s a couple of things – we didn’t want too many people buying into it, as well. Because then we’re really promoting a buy and a sell, and we’re not financial advisors.

Karl Boyd:    Well, it’s a little bit finicky of an area. It’s cool. I get what you’re talking about. I’d love to do that, though, I really would.

James West:   We will. Because, I mean, there’s nothing wrong with saying “I’m buying this and I’m selling this, and here’s why”. And as long as you’re not in any way saying ‘you should buy this because it’s going here’, then you’re in the clear.

Brandon Colwell:   And you know what? You shouldn’t do that, because there is a lot behind it.

James West:   Plus, you could be wrong.

Brandon Colwell:   Yeah, that too.

Karl Boyd:    I’ve always been just way more comfortable with talking about what I own. They’re not necessarily clients; most of them –

James West:   Well, that’s how we get around it is, I just talk about what am I buying? What am I holding? What have I got? What are the people on the show holding, what have they got? And that’s why –

Brandon Colwell:   That’s a good way of doing that way.

Karl Boyd:    We’ve had some big winners, like, change my life type of winners. So – Matica’s stock has crashed, but we were talking about it when it was $0.025, $0.03. It went all the way up to $0.81, $0.82 in the hype of the last bull run of the cannabis space. But Garibaldi, a lot of our community was talking about it when it was in its 30s, I got in at $0.64, a nice position; it went all the way up over $5.00. MTS is a property that’s, I don’t want to go as far as saying area play; they have some gold stuff going on there as well; that’s been a big winner for our community. CCW –

Brandon Colwell:   CLM, at times. It’s gone –

Karl Boyd:    Yeah, we should also give a shout out to Bull Market Run, which is a newsletter, a paid subscription-based one. I don’t own it, I have no monetary, you know –

James West:   Bull Market Run?

Karl Boyd:    Bull Market Run, yeah. I don’t get paid –

Brandon Colwell:   John over there does a very good job.

Karl Boyd:    But very, very good due diligence.

James West:   Oh, okay, we’ll have to have him on the show as well.

Brandon Colwell:   Yeah, yeah, you should, absolutely. And we love meeting people like that, because again, it’s just, you’re building a network, you’re building a community, whether it’s you’re building it to invest with it, because you’re all bouncing ideas off each other like we said in numerous times, but also, as an investor, you know, we want to build a community where we have multiple avenues of information, so they can’t go ‘oh, you told me to buy this, you told me to’ – no, we’ve given you so much! We’re giving you interviews, news releases, articles, we’ve got Midas Letter up there, you’ve got 420 Investor up there, you’ve got all these different areas where you can learn from.

Karl Boyd:    Yeah, absolutely, shut em up.

Brandon Colwell:   That’s what we’re pushing: learn, go.

James West:   Well, the thing I like about the great value proposition, and the great sort of promise, of the internet and the community it creates, for me is that together, we can collectively analyze the entire universe of stocks in any given sector, and collectively arrive at, well, these are the best quality stocks in the sector based on these various parameters, and then we all buy them and take them higher. We’re mutually successful, driving each other’s success, lowering the cost of capital for the companies, and that’s what I hope to achieve with my video platform by having guests like you guys on, and other quality guests in the community. So I’m excited about that.

Karl Boyd:    Absolutely. All those –

Brandon Colwell:   Yeah. You can find the good companies.

Karl Boyd:    Yeah, getting in the early raises…CPCs…there’s so much opportunity out there.

James West:   You bet.

Karl Boyd:    You know what? Everybody should check out the hashtag #allsharesmatter. There’s a movement that’s going on –

James West:   All shares matter?

Karl Boyd:    Have you heard about it, James? It’s actually very –

James West:   [laughter] All Shares Matter. So, on Twitter?

Brandon Colwell:   This has got documentary written all over it. You’re going to love it, James.

James West:   [laughter] Okay.

Brandon Colwell:   It’s very interesting. We’re trying to do our best to keep up with everything and watching it where, I didn’t mean to steal your thunder there. You were bringing up –

Karl Boyd:    I don’t even want to really talk too much about it; maybe that’s something we’ll get onto with you in another program. But, well, everybody out there should just –

James West:   All shares matter – that’s coming up as

Karl Boyd:    Well, they’ve got some good SEO going on.

Brandon Colwell:   It’s all over the place.

James West:   Oh, okay. So people are starting to use the hashtag.

Brandon Colwell:   It’s a movement. It’s retailers fighting back and basically saying that our retail investor shares matter as well. Because there’s a huge David and Goliath with retail investors and institutions, and for everyone to think all institutions are bad, that’s just false. I don’t think you know enough about the market if you honestly think that. But it does point out that, as a shareholder, you do have a little bit of a say in a company, specially when you do it in groups. So, very, very interesting, lots to go on there, but we’ll leave it at that for other people to search and research themselves. That’s the whole point. Well, we’ll put you down certain pathways; you go research and get the information for yourself.

James West:   [laughter] There’s an appropriate sentiment there.

Brandon Colwell:   There’s a few there that – you got to watch out, it’s Twitter, just like other things, some people take things a little bit farther than they should.

James West:   Well, I haven’t seen any compromised sexual positions yet.

Brandon Colwell:   This is good. It’s probably a good thing this isn’t necessarily a live one, either, because you can’t block that out if that’s the case. [laughter]

James West:   Right.

Brandon Colwell:   Great, great character. [laughter]

James West:   There’s another great one. All right, guys, well, you know, this has been an excellent seminal conversation, and I think we’re going to have to do this again and again and again. So I want to thank you for joining me today.

Karl Boyd:    Thank you. Love your show, thanks for having us on.

Brandon Colwell:   I appreciate it very much. Thank you very much.

James West:   All right, guys. We’ll see you again soon.

Brandon Colwell:   All right, take care.

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