January 11, 2019

Wayland Group’s Secret Weapon: Euro GMP Build Site Tour

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Wayland Group's Secret Weapon: Euro GMP Build Site Tour

Wayland Group (CNSX:WAYL) (OTCMKTS:MRRCF) is committed to consistent consumer experience and has designed a purpose-built facility in Langton, Ontario to ensure its products deliver the best experience every time. Wayland’s newest facility is the synthesis of expert growing knowledge and industrial-scale production. The company’s team includes experienced industry experts; veterans of the cannabis industry who have a history of success with industrial-scale production. Wayland’s patent-pending drying technique allows the company to dry product 8 times faster than conventional methods but still delivers a great smoke. This facility has both a net zero carbon footprint and European GMP certification. As a result, Wayland is an industry leader in terms of manufacturing best practices and can export its products to lucrative European markets. Wayland Group has partnered with analytics platform AI Datagrow to use programmable hardware to track every aspect of production, from seed-to-sale. The Langton facility has significant innovations that set Wayland Group apart from its competitors. Unlike many cannabis cultivators, Wayland Group’s new facility design places maintenance equipment and other hardware in corridors, minimizing human contact with plants, which is crucial for healthy growing. The Langton facility also features a unique, variable construction.  Each room is customizable and can be converted to a new purpose quickly, which allows Wayland to keep pace in the rapidly evolving cannabis landscape.


Jeff Ayotte, VP Infrastructure:  Every time that you smoke our product, use our product, vape our product, use a tincture, I want it to be replicated every time so that’s why we’re doing a purpose-built manufacturing facility with good manufacturing practices.

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Jennifer Ayotte, Cultivation Manager: The difference between Wayland and any of your master growers are that we do it on a production scale and no one has mastered the production scale quite like we have. We do thousands and thousands of plants consistently the same way. Whereas a grower can only do a small amount, a small amount of the time.

Jeff Ayotte:  So, my life experiences of actually brought me forth to where we are today. I spent six years in the US Navy, got out of that and got into fintech, building large energy efficient construction built, building automation control, automating plants, food and beverage plants, pharmaceutical plants. It all leads up to we are not building a marijuana facility, we’re building a purpose-built manufacturing facility.

About eight year ago I moved out to Colorado, bought a thousand acres. The grower can grow probably 10 beautiful plants. Well, I needed him to grow 100,000 plants. That was our hardest transition going from a manufacturing facility and having a perfect recipe. So, we took that automation and the knowledge of a grower and put it together.

We’re building a manufacturing facility, net zero carbon footprint or energy usage. Great ROIs and Euro GMP. More of a production operator mode, where our competitors would be typically running a three to four-hundred person crew. We’re going to run 26 people per shift.

We’re on the incoming side of a GMP Euro facility, Six Sigma, 5S Kaizen-Style manufacturing. Full flow through. Everything comes in this end of the facility, moves out the other end.

We’ve teamed up with a platform called AI Datagrow. That AI Datagrow allows you to utilize standard off-the-shelf programmable hardware to integrate seed-to-sale tracking, movements, material handling, and also allows you to track and trace your energy, your bottling, your capping, your products out the door and your raw products.

One of our biggest differentiators? Corridors like this. All the maintenance, all the hardware, all the mechanicals, any service contracts or anything actually have to come into this corridor. We do not have them in a grow space. Humans are the dirtiest thing. We keep them out. So, each one of these facilities can be used as a flower room, a veg room or any other particular item we need. That’s the other uniqueness about this facility is that any room can be used for anything.

These are flowering rooms. These rooms are 12,888 square feet. If you look down through that door, there’s another seven rows. One of the biggest things with our facilities that sets us apart is we can get up and running fast and it allows me to build at the pace that we grab a license at the same time.

Jennifer Ayotte: We have taken the drying technology to a whole new elevation. Every single part of it is actually custom designed. So, it’s dry enough not to cause any issues for consumption, but it’s also moist enough to give you a great smoke.

Jeff Ayotte: This is the finished goods vault. It’ll hold just shy 250 million dollars worth of product. With the demand in Canada right now, we don’t see ourselves holding product at all on the finished goods side. As soon as we can make it we’ll ship it out.

Today we can package marijuana cigarettes. We can package oil and we can package dry flower. In the manufacturing facility we do have a packaging area. At any given time, we can cordoned off one section of the building, bring the construction team in, move the walls around, drop the services in and be back up and running right away.

We’re not up for failure. We will not fail. This facility will not allow us to and our team won’t allow us to. So, sticking them out there and saying this is us, we’ve done it and this is what we’ve promised you and delivering it.

That’ll excite me.

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