Trudeau’s Destructive Clinging Reveals True Character of Prime Minister

James West


Jody Wilson-Raybould’s release of her stealth recording of then-Privy Clerk Michael Wernick’s coercive phone call to her on December 19, 2018 pours more gasoline on the dumpster fire that is the Liberal Government’s SNC-Lavalin Operation Carwash moment.

Hats off to Ms. Wilson-Raybould for her unwavering and clear-eyed allegiance to the Rule of Law.

The call is incendiary on many levels, not least of which is Wernick’s repeated and thinly veiled threat that  Wilson-Raybould had better fall in line or she was going to be on the receiving end of what turned out to be a demotion.

LISTEN: Former Attorney-General and Justice Minister of Canada Jody Wilson-Raybould surreptitiously recorded a call she received from Privy Council Clerk Michael Wernick in which veiled threats were clearly implied, among other astonishing revelations:


I’m not happy to be writing yet again about this raging inferno, but Wilson-Raybould is right when she insists that this is an issue of constitutional proportions. Canadians need to stay current on this one and not let it glide into a forgotten memory ahead of the upcoming federal elections in October.

The government is praying that he issue fades in time for some good old-fashioned stumping ahead of the election in an effort to sweep the SNC-Lavalin prosecution under the rug.

And now, even the Globe and Mail’s own seem to have been brought to heel under the red veil, if its sudden about-face and attacks on the character of Wilson-Raybould are any evidence.

To the conciliatory drivel of Prime Ministerial apologists who aver that Deferred Prosecution Agreements are in fact de rigeur worldwide, and that Canada’s preference (so far) not to deploy it is apparently evidence of our provincial naivete among G7/OECD brass, I pose these questions for your consideration:

  1. Does the fact that “everyone else is doing it” across the OECD membership constitute a justifiable reason to “make available”  Deferred Prosecution Agreements in lieu of criminal prosecution?. Or is it merely evidence of the spread of corrosion of legal principles within the OECD legal framework?
  2. Does not the deployment of the Clerk of the Privy Council to deliver a message evidently emanating from the office of the Prime Minister amply justify the inclination of then Justice Minister and Attorney-General Jody Wilson-Raybould to record the conversation surreptitiously? Would not the threat have been much less overt from the clerk had he been advised that the call was in fact being recorded?
  3. Isn’t this call conclusive in its evidentiary and transparent publication in determining whether of not the Prime Minister of Canada tried to subordinate the rule of law in Canada to corporate financial interests?

That was, and should still be, the sole concern of Canadian voters. Never mind the rotating suite of ersatz alibis being coerced into print variously themed “jobs” and “economy” and “DPA’s are normal”.

Permitting the incremental erosion of principle for short term financial expediency is the path to the annihilation of principles and integrity generally.

Note that the moral code of our youth is shaped by the actions of our courts and justice system. If you want to inculcate a nation of criminals, there is no better way to do than a tiered application of justice and law.

By removing the threat of criminal prosecution for executives who commit crimes is removing the incentive not to commit them that prosecution is designed to have. Nobody is intimidated from committing a corporate financial crime by a Deferred Prosecution Agreement whose fine will be paid out of company coffers, and ultimately, by the shareholders.

The PMO’s office misses the point entirely when they suggest that SNC-Lavalin’s threat to “leave Canada” justifies an extraordinary exception of legal obligation. It does not.

If we weren’t living in the current controverse where our leadership professes law but practices crime, we would expect convictions, rehabilitation of the company’s moral compass by installing better executive navigators, and then, either compliance going forward with the rule of law, or dismantling of the company.

Don’t lose sight of the fact that even while Trudeau is trying to continue the push for a DPA under the guise of jobs, SNC-Lavalin management themselves threw him unceremoniously under the bus, proclaiming that they never made jobs a consideration in requesting a DPA.

Also, let’s not forget that it was these very Liberals who created the legal statute that says the court shall “not consider the national economic interest, the potential effect on relations with a state other than Canada or the identity of the organization or individual involved.

The recording reveals that the initiative was, in fact, created on behalf of SNC-Lavalin in anticipation of this fiasco.

Trudeau Puts His Interest Above that of the Liberal Party and All Canadians

Here’s the thing: If Trudeau was indeed the altruistic avatar of equity he’s done a stunning job of convincing us he is, would he not, at least temporarily, voluntarily step aside while the matter is resolved?

Should not the preservation of his party trump his personal interest in clinging to power?

The fact that he does not, and continues to brazenly deploy human resources to put pressure on due process, is evidence of a much more sinister character than we might have believed.

Does it not clearly suggest to all Canadian voters that there is, in the Liberal Party of Canada, a web of corrupt leadership so intricately entwined that it can shield the ongoing obstruction of justice in broad daylight, to the point where even the RCMP declines to launch an investigation?

Save the Party; Excise the Cancer

I commend Jody Wilson-Raybould, who, despite the opportunity inherent in towing the party line, and accommodating the corruption she was asked to aid and abet, chose to take the moral high road and blow the whistle on the Prime Minister and his consiglieris.

It resulted in her departure from the land of opportunity, and those who now use her clear ongoing commitment to the preservation of the rule of law in Canada by secretly taping the Prime Minister’s hatchet man against her should be ignored. They are either corrupt-minded themselves, or of limited vision.

I think the opportunity for both Jody Wilson-Raybould and Jane Philpott is to now mount a leadership challenge within the Liberal Party forthwith. The chances of a Liberal victory are otherwise nil.

I encourage other Liberal party members who are more concerned with the moral code of Canadian youth, the Rule of Law, and the Canadian National reputation to gather round their banner, and let’s get corruption under control in the Federal Government.

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