Chemistree Technology Inc (CNSX:CHM) Assigns Sheldon Aberman To Active Duty


For the second time this week, Chemistree Technology Inc (CNSX:CHM) has announced a significant personnel decision to its team. The company hopes the reshuffling will further fortify its stature in advance of its international expansion strategy.

Chemistree Technology announced that they’ve appointed Sheldon Aberman to the newly-created position of Chief Cannabis Officer. He has a well-earned reputation as a foremost expert on commercial cannabis cultivation, with decades of experience managing and designing thousands of grows worldwide. His expertise, hands on approach and product development background has led to top quality grow room design and construction. Additionally, he has created several multi-million-dollar industry partnerships and other ventures, such as Quantum Horticulture, Pure Essentials Black Label and Cannabis Consulting Co. whose various products and services have been implemented, utilized and run in thousands of grows globally.

Over the last 17 years, Mr. Aberman has designed, consulted, constructed hundreds of facilities and projects throughout the world. He is still retained as lead advisor/consultant for licensed grows for his proven track record of highly efficient redundant designs. He continues to oversee Cannabis Consulting Co., consulting to large scale grows in the US and Canada.

This role for Mr. Aberman will be more of a hand-on variety. He was previously elected to Chemistree Technology’s Board of Directors in October 2018, joining the company’s inner circle with three others.

So, with today’s appointment the picture becomes a little bit more interesting. We postulated previously that something may be up with Chemistree Technology’s news cycle with the appointment of Mr. Nicholas J. Zitelli of High Times fame to its board on Tuesday. Now, the shuffling of Mr. Aberman into an active role provides confirmation that something is likely brewing. With Mr. Aberman’s extensive experience on grow room design and operations, perhaps a more extensive infrastructure build-out is in the works.

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