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Khiron Life Sciences Corp (CVE:KHRN) (OTCMKTS:KHRNF) (FRA:4KH) joined the ranks of GMP certified cannabis extractors in the first week of June with the announcement of their state-of-the-art, 14,000 square foot ISO 17025-compliant extraction and analysis lab. This in addition to Khiron’s planned 80,00 square foot greenhouse expansion bringing the company’s producing footprint to over 100,000 square feet. As, well, Khiron has established distribution networks to supply high quality medical cannabis produced in Khiron’s main facility, with signed agreements with 903 pharmacies across Colombia and Khiron Clinics.

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Khiron is often described as the leading Latin American cannabis player, with a management team and Board of Directors that makes it very clear the company is intent on using low-cost Colombian extract to vault into a leading position in medical cannabis, cosmeceuticals, and bioceutical categories.

Vicente Fox, the former president of Mexico, is now a director and spokesperson for the company. “Khiron Life Sciences is the leading cannabis company operating in Latin America,” he said during a recent interview on Midas Letter LIVE. “Mexico’s economy is the most open economy in the world. We trade with 42 different economies. We have [Free] Trade Agreements. The most important one of them is North America. The trade agreement with Canada, United States and Mexico, which has the largest trade balance in the world, approaching a trillion U.S Dollars a year. So every year we trade a very large sum between the three economies,” he said.

Extraction of cannabinoids from Cannabis and Hemp are widely anticipated to be much bigger than premium dried flower in terms as a share of global cannabis consumption. According to Deloitte’s recent research report, the market for edibles and other consumable cannabis products will reach $2.5 billion a year in Canada alone. Edibles are almost entirely manufactured using extracted cannabis oils, since they blend well with other typical food ingredients once rendered water soluble.

For those who don’t know, food, beverages, edibles, topical creams, pet products and tinctures make up the much bally-hooed “Consumer Packaged Goods” category that has become almost a cliché in cannabis company presentation decks. Many are those who aspire to the holy grail of cannabis market share, but few are as well positioned in Latin America as Khiron.

Much of Latin America – including Colombia, Peru, Chile and Brazil – are currently not planning to permit recreational products in their markets, meaning that extracts will be the ingredients for primarily medical, supplements and pet products in the context of legal products.

Though likely to change at some point in the future, Latin America remains, for the most part, a medical market. Except, of course, for ‘cosmeceuticals’.

Khiron Brand Kuida Poised to Dominate

Gwyneth Paltrow is possibly the best-known celebrity to embrace the idea that cannabinoids in beauty products might become “a thing”. Her line – Goop – has already exploited the insatiable mania surrounding all things CBD by announced a partnership with cannabis dispensary chain MedMen to endorse a line of marijuana products last year.

Celebrities from Melissa Etheridge to Snoop Dog to Seth Rogen are all cashing in on the cannabis craze by lending their names to cannabis-forward brands, even ahead of legislation that would permit such ingredients in products.

In that respect, Latin America may actually be leading the race to put CBD-infused skin care products into the hands of consumers with its Kuida line of beauty and wellness products.

According to Khiron’s Director of Skin Care Elsa Navarro, “we have a population of nearly 40 million inhabitants here in Colombia. We have a big opportunity, a big market, but we’re not only considering right now Colombia as our backyard; we’re considering Latin America, and we’re considering a worldwide population. You know, the industry is considered to be $130 billion dollar, so it’s a big opportunity for us, not only in Colombia, but in the world.”

While brands like Paltrow’s Goop will obviously get all the attention in the United States, the effect of so much celebrity firepower coming into the space will have the effect of burnishing the appeal of all products out there in the world of cannabis cosmetics, and Khiron will be the beneficiary of that.

WATCH: Khiron Skin Care Director Elsa Navarro on Kuida



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