July 19, 2019

Halo Labs Inc (NEO:HALO) Revolutionizing Extract Experience with Exclusive Shatterizer DabTabs

Midas Letter
Midas Letter
Halo Labs Inc (NEO:HALO) Revolutionizing Extract Experience with Exclusive Shatterizer DabTabs

Shatterizer Inc Co-founder Valerie McCulloch joins James West in Los Angeles, California to roll-out the Shatterizer DabTabs™ edition portable vaporizer. Watch the pair explore and demo the revolutionary cannabis extract products while explaining the specifics around dabbing, shatter, and how concentrates makes up a significant portion of the North American marijuana market. 

As concentrates are the most potent and premium product derivatives of the cannabis plant, consumers need to be assured of consistency and flavour profile with each dose. The Shatterizer, using a borosilicate glass globe, brings that reliability to a premium vape pen – while remaining elegant and portable. Working in conjunction with Shatterizer, DabTabs™ provides consumers with the ability to prefill DabTabs™ Tablets with measured doses of either cannabis or cannabidiol. DabTab™ Dablets™ are expected to generate distribution throughout Canada, the United States and Europe.

Halo Labs Inc (NEO:HALO) (OTCMKTS:AGEEF (FRA:A9KN) has the exclusive rights to the DabTabs™ products in Nevada and California, providing the Company with a unique position in capturing a large portion of the market. These innovative products are changing the way that dabbing is experienced by consumers, creating a cleaner and easier experience than traditional dabbing. The shatterizer is the newest form of vaporizers that allows consumers to experience smooth, flavourful use of a variety of concentrates, dabs, waxes, resin, and many other forms of extracts portably.



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Midas Letter
Midas Letter
Halo Labs Inc (NEO:HALO) Revolutionizing Extract Experience with Exclusive Shatterizer DabTabs

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James West: Hey, everybody. Welcome back to Midas Letter Live from Los Angeles. My guest is Valerie McCulloch; she is the co-founder of Shatterizer Inc. Valerie, welcome.

Valerie McCulloch: Thank you so much for having us here in L.A., thank you.

James West: You bet. Now, I’m excited: it’s not every day I get to play with new devices, but you’ve brought an actual Shatterizer. Tell me about the Shatterizer: what does it do?

Valerie McCulloch: Well, we brought this actually for you as a gift.

James West: And this is quite a beautiful unit. Like, I love the packaging, and this is one of the great things I love about the cannabis industry, is everything looks so cool. Like, it’s not just put together in a bike shop; it’s like made with lots of good design ethos. So let me see this thing. So this is for smoking shatter. Now, just for those in our audience who might not be very clear on what is meant by shatter, why don’t you run through the different types of extracts and concentrates as you understand them, and what each one does, and then we’ll talk about how we use this little thing.

Valerie McCulloch: Great, excellent.

James West: So, tell me about it.

Valerie McCulloch: Absolutely. You get everything you need to get started with cannabis extracts and concentrates in your starter kit, here. We’re consumers too, so we understand. We have a backup coil here and cap; you’ve got your Shatterizer, it comes fully assembled, partially charged. Five clicks on, five clicks off. We have got your charger with pass-through technology, some backup owings, as well as your dab tool right there.

James West: Wow. This is looking sophisticated.

Valerie McCulloch: And you know what? There are 19 other things that can go into your Shatterizer other than shatter. So, everything from rosin to resin to wax; nothing too viscous, though. And how you load is just like this: simply twist gently, take off the glass top, unscrew your coil cap, which helps with air flow, and you can just load right onto your coil there, and it comes with two quartz coils.

James West: So I can throw in some dried flower?

Valerie McCulloch: No dried flower, please!

James West: No dried flower? Okay.

Valerie McCulloch: No dried flower. 

James West: So this is just for extracts?

Valerie McCulloch: Just for extracts, extracts only. And you can actually store your extracts in this built-in wax storage container right here.

James West: Can’t store a lot of dried flower in here.

Valerie McCulloch: No! See, with extracts. [laughter]

James West: I get it, it’s about sleek and discreet. I love it.

Valerie McCulloch: And portable. We want clients to be able to take their – it’s a portable dabbing system, essentially.

James West: Okay. So now dabs – people don’t really understand dabs in many parts of the world, and in California, everybody understands exactly what is meant by dabs. So let’s talk about the terminology just a little bit: a dab is what?

Valerie McCulloch: It is taking some shatter or some extracts and the art of enjoying it.

James West: Okay. So when you say shatter, that’s a particular form of extract?

Valerie McCulloch: Yes.

James West: And what are the characteristics of shatter that make it shatter?

Valerie McCulloch: It looks, actually, kind of like shatter. It looks like a glass, and it’s a very high concentrate THC. And what’s lovely about shatter, as well as a lot of the extracts, is you get that full flavour. So if you can imagine, it’s very, very condensed extracted, extracted, extracted cannabis, and it is absolutely delicious.

So in places like California and Nevada, Colorado, places where it’s a legal recreational market, a majority of people who are consuming cannabis are enjoying the extracts market.

James West: So pretty effective stuff, then, by the sounds of it.

Valerie McCulloch: Yeah, and efficient.

James West: Right.

Valerie McCulloch: And, we’re here actually to share a new and exciting development as well, with the Shatterizer Dab Tabs edition portable vaporizer.

James West: Whoa!

Valerie McCulloch: Just launched and arrived this morning! We’re so excited to be here with you to share it.

James West: Show us that.

Valerie McCulloch: Oh, right there.

James West: Beautiful.

Valerie McCulloch: Check it out.

James West: Oh my gosh, it’s even in Midas Letter colours. 

Valerie McCulloch: Yes, it is. 

James West: Yellow and brown.

Valerie McCulloch: Dab Tabs orange, for sure.

James West: Wow, that is one sleek little unit.

Valerie McCulloch: Absolutely. We’ve got the silicone sleeve. On the inside, if you take off the Dab Tabs container at the bottom, there – 

James West: This is where my stash is – there’s one in there!

Valerie McCulloch: There is one in there.

James West: Is that for me?

Valerie McCulloch: [laughter]

James West: Whoa! Gonna get high again!

Valerie McCulloch: And what’s different, just twist and glide, great. And what’s different about this Dab Tabs edition Shatterizer versus our Shatterizer is, we have a custom coil designed specifically for Dab Tabs. It’s shorter, it’s got the grooves so it’s easy to remove, and yeah – we custom built this for Dab Tabs.

James West: Wow, okay. So this is a Dab Tab.

Valerie McCulloch: Yes, sir.

James West: And what is inside this Dab Tab, and what is holding it in?

Valerie McCulloch: Well, we have some Gilt Dab Tabs here, with some delicious Wedding Cake hybrid, and it is about 61 percent THC, filled by our friends at Gilt. And you simply place the little Dab Tab – yep – lay it flat, perfectly, great.

James West: How did I do?

Valerie McCulloch: You did great. Make sure the silicone sleeve here is lined up perfectly, just like that. Okay, whisper this back in just to make sure. There you go. There we are.

James West: You could cut my meat for me, too. All right.

Valerie McCulloch: There you go.

James West: So now?

Valerie McCulloch: So with this battery, we have a pre-heat option. The ceramic Dab Tab needs to be heated up to about 400 degrees Celsius before it starts releasing the vapours. 

James West: Then how do I fire it up?

Valerie McCulloch: Just click twice and that will be your pre-heat option. Do you see it glowing there, orange?

James West: I see an orange line in the dark.

Valerie McCulloch: That’s another change that we’ve made from our Shatterizer, is we’ve increased the lighting system so that people know. If you can see there, look at the vapours beginning to build off that Dab Tab! 

James West: Wow, a little convection going in there.

Valerie McCulloch: Amazing.

James West: Oh, it smells fantastic.

Valerie McCulloch: [laughter]

James West: You’re trying to trick me. You’re trying to get me to hit this thing hard, aren’t you? 

Valerie McCulloch: Yeah, no, just bringing up it’s perfect taste, every time.

James West: That’s tempting, but the conversation would go in a completely different direction if I whacked this, I can tell.

Valerie McCulloch: The amazing thing about the Shatterizer edition Dab Tabs portable vaporizer is that you get the most amazing flavour with less waste.

James West: Okay, so the product that goes in there is concentrated cannabis oil?

Valerie McCulloch: Mm-hmm. Well said. You can do rosin, resin, honey oil, distillate, shatter, of course.

James West: Okay, let’s go back to terminology. What is the difference between each of those things? Because people are confused out there.

Valerie McCulloch: It would be the equivalent of trying to explain the difference between, I hate to do this, but beer, wine, hard spirits, different cocktails, for example. And they’re all made in different ways, and refined and refined and refined.

James West: Okay. So shatter is concentrated resin from the flower only?

Valerie McCulloch: No, no, that would be rosin.

James West: Oh, rosin, not resin. [laughter] No wonder everybody’s confused!

Valerie McCulloch: There are so many wonderful things that you can put into the Shatterizer or Dab Tab.

James West: Okay, so like, it looks like a hit of Ecstasy. It’s not Ecstasy, is it? Because you can’t make Ecstasy, at least not yet. At least it didn’t work the last – no, I’m just kidding.

Valerie McCulloch: No, sir. Absolutely not. Do you want to double click that again so we can see that visual vaporization? It’s really quite – 

James West: You bet. Is it going to vaporize again, though?

Valerie McCulloch: Yeah, it’s going to keep heating up.

James West: So now, in terms of dosage, how many milligrams of THC would I be consuming in one Dab Tab?

Valerie McCulloch: In one Dab Tab, it is the first measured system around the world. 50 milligrams.

James West: Fifty milligrams of THC in one hit?

Valerie McCulloch: [laughter] Each Dab Tab contains 50 milligrams, and the lovely thing about the Dab Tab is, when the heat rises and you see the visual vaporization, that’s the only time that the extract vaporizes. So when the heat stops, you don’t waste any more product, and there’s no mess. The ceramic Dab Tab actually holds the matter inside and with the waste; that’s why they turn to a darker colour as you use them.

We find we can get between six and eight inhalations per Dab Tab, and I swear, I wish we could taste in studio, because every time you inhale, it tastes like a fresh coil, your first load of rosin, your first little bit of shatter, and it just tastes consistently great.

James West: You sound like you’re a real lover of this stuff.

Valerie McCulloch: Oh, my goodness! We actually had the opportunity to meet some of the team behind the Dab Tab over a year and a half ago, and we were just so excited to hear about this product. We’re thrilled to be developing this pen and to have it now go to market.

James West: So where can consumers buy this product now?

Valerie McCulloch: Oh, great question. They’re going to be available anywhere Dab Tabs are sold, so that’s California, Nevada, Maryland, Oregon, of course – any of these great states.

James West: Okay, and what’s the manufacturer’s suggested retail price?

Valerie McCulloch: $79.95.

James West: Oh, that’s not so bad. There’s some more expensive gear out there than that, for sure.

Valerie McCulloch: Oh, absolutely. We’re incredibly affordable.

James West: Yeah. Okay, so where do you get the, who makes the Dab Tabs themselves?

Valerie McCulloch: That is made by Dab Tabs.

James West: Oh, okay, not Halo? 

Valerie McCulloch:  Our partners, Halo, yes.

James West: Oh, okay. [laughter]

Valerie McCulloch: I love Dab Tabs, I’ve got to tell you. I’m so thrilled to be here today and discussing this product and having a custom pen that works just perfectly for them. Now everything we develop is like Lego; it’s intermodal. You can – 

James West: So we’ve got, like, these other things over here.

Valerie McCulloch: Yes, we’ve got a lot of different tops, and we have different coils. Now, for Dab Tabs, we want clients to only use the Dab Tab coil be cause it’s a little bit different, right? It’s shorter, it’s got the grooves; the Dab Tab lays perfectly flat in there. So if I pull this out, I can simply put in another coil and we can use other products like rosin, shatter. Let’s say you weren’t able to get your hands on some Dab Tabs, or you used your last one up.

James West: Versatile!

Valerie McCulloch: Yes.

James West: All right, let’s leave it there for now, Valerie. Thanks very much for coming in today.

Valerie McCulloch: Thank you for having us! Actually, I have these sunglasses for you, here.

James West: Which I’m obviously obliged to wear everywhere I go from now on. Thank you.

Valerie McCulloch: Thank you. Thanks for having us.

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