Halo Labs (NEO:HALO) Leaves Competitors Behind with Shatterizer and DabTabs

Halo Labs Inc (NEO:HALO) (OTCMKTS:AGEEF)  (FRA:A9KN) has introduced the Shatterizer. Shatter, what, you say? No, it has nothing to do with pneumatic hammers or the cracking effects, Ethel Merman can have over delicate crystal glasses and Wedgwood china cups. Rather, shatter is high-grade THC concentrate derived from  dried cannabis flower, processed through a volatile extraction method using butane or propane (as opposed to CO2) as a solvent. It can contain as much as 70-90% THC, while average marijuana contains anywhere from 5-30%.

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THC is one of the compounds of cannabis, responsible for inducing relaxation and health benefits. Shatter’s growing number of fans consume it through vaping. From a long -term commercial point of view, therefore, shatter is one of the products, bound to gain the highest popularity with consumers; therefore, for cannabis processors, distillers and investors, it represents a key catalyst for earnings. Yet, until recently, shatter lacked a specialized tool, to ease consumption. It relied on makeshift adaptations from vaping accessories, or even electronic cigarettes. For users, shatter is nothing less than the ‘Dom Perignon’ of cannabis. And the shatterizer is the Rolls Royce of vaporizers

Recognizing the opportunity and the market potential, Halo decided to design and distribute a custom and portable (rather attractively made) tool for the sole purpose of allowing consumers to vape and consume shatter: the Shatterizer, a portable vaporizer for shatter. Judging by the initial run of the Shatterizer, after Halo rolled it out in Oregon, expectations are high. Halo sold-out all of its inventory.

The Shatterizer is a vaporizer made to work specifically with  DabTabs, a proprietary precision dosage delivery unit that slots into the Shatterizer and designed to create a “true vape” experience.

Most vaporization devices are prone to cause the extract to combust. True Vape implies that the extract is brought to a boiling point, allowing the extract to be inhaled in a gaseous phase, as opposed to burning it, which causes potentially harmful compounds to be released into the lungs alongside THC.

The result, via precise temperature control, is a clean tasting, terpene-rich, cool vapor that drastically limits throat irritation that results in coughing.

Watch Halo Labs CEO Kiran Sidhu Discuss the Shatterizer Vaporizer Device and the Intricacies of Cannabis Extracts

Dabtabs are the only precision dosing delivery mechanism for extracted cannabis that is approved by the American National Standards Institute and manufactured to ISO 9001 specifications.

Users can enjoy a variety of flavors, whether they choose to use concentrates, waxes, live resins, distillates or other types of cannabis extracts, ‘packaged’ in measurable, or doseable, formats. Until now, anyone wanting to use shatter, or dab, needed prompt access to an arsenal of lab apparatus. Dabbing generally involves a liquid concentrate (which inevitably leaves a mark as drops turn into stains on clothing) dab deck, a spike, a torch, a funnel. The process is sticky and messy. It can also leave users to achieve ‘higher’ highs than they intended. Therefore, it leaves little room for control. Instead, a user can easily adapt the shatterizer to satisfy his/her needs and appetite, whether it’s a single hit, or two or three over the course of a few hours.  Oh, and by the way, Canadians will be able to enjoy shatter legally within the next six to eight months.

As for investors interested in the cannabis space, extraction capability will become an increasingly important differentiator. Better extraction allows for purer concentration and greater product differentiation, resulting in resins and, of course, shatter. The traditional extraction method involves carbon dioxide (CO2). Effective though it may be, it’s not a new technology. The perfume industry has used it for decades.

And as special as Shatter is, not everyone offers the same quality. Halo is aiming high, developing the best concentration methods in order to achieve a customized product, which combined with the portable and doseable DabTab becomes an easy to use, customized product, which ends up generating its own demand; especially in mature cannabis markets such as Nevada and California. The Shatterizer is made to work specifically with the DabTab Dablets, allowing customers to fully enjoy the full flavor of concentrates, waxes, live resins, distillates and many other types of cannabis extracts.

Watch Shatterizer Co-founder Valerie McCulloch and James West Unbox and Demo the Shatterizer DabTabs™ Edition Portable Vaporizer

And all this convenience comes at a reasonable price, less than a bottle of Dom Perignon: the shatterizer, give or take a sales tax or two, between US$79-$99 per unit. It’s not meant to last a lifetime, but it should last over a year. Of course, just like the batteries in toy commercials of the 1980’s, the cannabis concentrate of choice is sold separately. And speaking of separation, while the shatterizer is designed to be used only with DabTabs, Halo will launch another version of the shatterizer, more closely related to a vape pen, called the Go. It will work with cannabis products in various forms. Dabtabs will address the needs of recreational consumers, but they can also appeal to medical patients, seeking relief from pain or nausea.

The legalization of cannabis has spread worldwide, creating a new industry, a new market and new investors. Amid the competition, to thrive some companies have realized that they must focus on concentrates, cannabis extracts that have been refined to leave an oil, wax or shatter (which might be described as crystallized and friable wax). The purpose of the concentrate is to deliver a higher dose of THC or cannabidiol (CBD). Ultimately, cannabis manufacturing has become more technical and scientific to serve a demanding market. This is a trend that will only intensify, requiring the development and adoption of advanced techniques, requiring considerable financial investments. Halo has an edge over competitors, in that it has understood this ‘reality’ faster than others. The DabTabs and the associated Shatterizer delivery method allow consumers to use the most desirable cannabis derivatives safely and conveniently.

Halo has launched the Shatterizer in Oregon, selling out through over 30 outlets, with at least 15 more coming soon.




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