Patriot One Technologies Inc (CVE:PAT) Defense Products a Necessity in Coming Years


Considering the fact that during the past few months, the markets have struggled to cope with violent turbulence, Patriot One Technologies Inc. (CVE:PAT) (OTCMKTS:PTOTF) has proven its ability to protect your portfolio from the onslaught. Despite investors’ clear rejection of Trump’s reassurances over trade with China, PAT stock is trading comfortably above $2.00/share. Had you bought PAT a year ago, you would have doubled your money, regardless of the U.S. president’s tariff whims.  

It’s important to keep this rather relevant fact in mind when discussing Patriot One. It was inevitable that – as virtually every other equity trading in Canada, the United States and beyond – PAT also suffered some fluctuations. Investorsentiment, as the latter term suggests, is a fickle; yet, it’s an essential indicator for the valuation of a stock. What’s important is to remember that long-term ‘value’ may not necessarily match the ‘valuation.  I noticed that in social media, Patriot One was the object of many angry tirades and negative opinions, or sentiment if you prefer. I believe the pessimism to be entirely unwarranted.

After an almost ten-year bull market (that is from 2009 to the present), fueled by near zero interest rates, too many investors have become impatient. They expect perpetual growth and perpetually favorable market conditions. Yet, rather than focus on Patriot One, investors should consider the overall market sentiment; it’s in full correction mode. And, eventually, stocks like Patriot One, given the overall security and geopolitical climate, are going to be the ones to hold – and hold tight. It’s time to begin cleaning out your portfolio and think about which stocks will survive, and even thrive over the next few months; because, the turbulence is not going away. The constructive way to manage the present correction is to identify the stocks that show inherent strength: the ones that will not wilt as the high pressure to sell has engulfed Bay Street and Wall Street.

Patriot One Technologies Inc. is one of the few stocks that will be able to brush off the storm as market conditions become more turbulent. It’s a stock that reminds me of ‘If’, Rudyard Kipling’s famous poem of paternal advice and stoic values: “If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs and blaming it on you.…” My friends who favor technical analysis tell me the PAT stock chart shows an “ascending channel and an influential momentum indicator”. I’m not a technical analyst, but I do know that this pattern predicts a bullish trend.

The other thing I know is that Patriot One Technologies Inc. is something of a gold mine. It makes a product that, for better or worse, will become ever more necessary in the coming years. As the recent rioting in France has demonstrated, rich Western countries are not immune from the kinds of social unrest that frequently erupts in developing countries – the most visible example of which is the so-called ‘Arab Spring’. Patriot One has developed PATSCAN CMR ™, the world’s first cognitive microwave radar to detect hidden weapons. It’s a sophisticated security system that will attract more demand as it’s designed to detect and avert any threat from active shooters in the instant the threat develops. It’s the kind of technology that appeals to all governments and all military units. A worst case scenario would see Patriot One become the target of lucrative buyout offers from the big American aerospace and defense giants from General Dynamics (NYSE:GD), Boeing Co. (NYSE:BA) or Lockheed Martin Corp. (NYSE:LMT). These companies could adapt the technology to play a role in bigger defense systems or simply reap the profits from global demand. Companies like Cisco and tier 1 defense contractors have already allied themselves to Patriot. They would not have risked their reputation if Patriot One did not have a compelling product.

The world is not getting any safer and there’s much social and economic turmoil ahead. Shareholders may not have liked the issue of more shares, pushing PAT stock lower. They certainly want to hear about sales and progress with their partners. ‘If’ this is the case, as Kipling would have advised, be patient, keep your head high while everybody loses theirs. Patriot has plenty of bullish prospects. They are assembling a complete offering of security products under a single umbrella, which will make them the hottest company in the threat detection and prevention space.

Alessandro Bruno

Alessandro Bruno, born in Naples, (BA and MA in International Relations, University of Toronto). Alessandro is a research analyst and writer in various business sectors and international politics. He was a Programme Officer for the UN in North Africa and a senior for one of the first international sustainable investment...
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