November 4, 2019

Super Bowl Champion Rob Gronkowski on the Benefit of CBD for Athletes

Midas Letter
Midas Letter
Super Bowl Champion Rob Gronkowski on the Benefit of CBD for Athletes

Advocate for CBD and an investor in Abacus Health Products (CSE:ABCS) (OTCMKTS:ABAHF) and brand ambassador for the company’s CBDMEDIC product line joins Midas Letter along with CEO Perry Antelman to discuss how the Super Bowl champion benefits from using the company’s all natural CBD products. CBDMEDIC market all-natural topical medications that combine over the counter drug active ingredients with CBD-rich hemp oil and other natural moisturizers. The Abacus CEO details the company’s global footprint and distribution strategy while the former New England Patriot’s tight-end provides his own evidence for the recovery benefits of CBD to perform at his best in such a high-impact and physically demanding sport.

Midas Letter
Midas Letter
Super Bowl Champion Rob Gronkowski on the Benefit of CBD for Athletes

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James West: I’m joined now by Perry Antelman, who is the CEO and founder of Abacus Health Products and Rob Gronkowski, who pretty much needs no introduction. Gentlemen, welcome to the show.

Perry Antelman: Thank you for having us.

Rob Gronkowski: No. Thank you

James West: Perry. Let’s start with you. Tell me about Abacus. What does it do? What’s the game plan?

Perry Antelman: Sure. So, we are the premier CBD topical Products Company in the United States. We have the largest footprint in retail pharmacy. All of our products are efficacious. They are safe and just extremely efficacious. So, we continue to roll out these products into Retail Pharmacy. As well as Retail Pharmacy also into the healthcare practitioner space throughout the country. And in just a very short amount of time because the products are so efficacious. We are in over fifteen thousand locations in health practitioner offices throughout the US, as well as a retail pharmacy of the largest retail National chains throughout the country.

James West: Very cool. Well, I’m glad theyre Efficacious but do they work?

Perry Antelman: They do.

James West: I’m just kidding.

Perry Antelman: Well that a good question. we have proof of that as well

James West: Right, Rob is living proof of that.

Perry Antelman: No question, but even on top of that, okay, because you say well that’s anecdotal. However, we did a third party survey of over 250 doctors and practitioners in the space hve been using our product for the last several years, and that result was 97.4 percent of them said this is the best product they have ever used in as any analgesic topical product in the practice. Now, you’re talking about practitioners and doctors that see over a hundred patients suffering from Pain a week. Talking about physical therapist, chiropractors, massage therapists, acupuncturist. So this is real. These are doctors, practitioners that are giving us the feedback of how well it works and what they are reporting is: that in the last 30-40 years there really hasn’t been any great new science any new Breakthrough in analgesics and topical pain. Most of the products in the market will work 20 to 40 minutes the report back from them has two to six hours of pain relief and that is a game changer. That is actually a disruptive technology. Can you imagine you can put a product on once a day and have a deeper pain relief than you have ever had before hand and longer pain relief and that is a game changer because you’re happier, you know throughout the day. It’s not just 20 to 40 minutes. I can actually go several hours with having this pain relief, and maybe you’ll take it a second time. A lot of people pay will wake them up in the middle the night. So, measure take care also just before you go to sleep as well. And that is the that is why is a game changer and people are saying goodbye to some of the to the pain relieving pills that they have because this is so effective and that’s wonderful because this means it’s a safer way, and it’s a targeted application as well. Why treat your entire body when if you have pain in your elbow or just pain in your knee, just apply the topical product to that location and have pain relief for so many hours.

James West: I can’t wait to try it. Rob, How did you get involved with this company?

Rob Gronkowski: All right. I got involved because I had a little altercation on July 4th. I was playing soccer, got off the boat playing Barefoot soccer, stub my toes, three black and blue toes, and you know can put my shoes on, you know, it was bothering me could walk around and my dad, you know, he knew I was healing and all-natural therapeutic way and he told me he had this cream that he’s been using for his back gave it to me and to make a long story short. Just put the cream on my toes it gave me that relief. I can put my shoes on go throughout the day with whatever I was dealing with and you know it lasted for about five hours that day and I just put it on again and then gave me that relief again, you know, so I can just go throughout the day without thinking about my three stubbed toes that are super black and blue and then just did that for a couple days and you know, it started promoting the healing I could do the treatments I wanted to do to my toes, to heal them, and next thing, you know, four days later three four days later. I was totally healed my toes were fine. But it gave me that relief that I was looking for throughout the day, you know. Know what I’m talking about

James West: Yes. Okay cool. So then as a pro football player how important do you think CBD is to the future of the sport?

Rob Gronkowski: I think it’s huge right now. It’s not you know, it’s not legal. But you know, I think over time it’s going to be legal all the research development, all the science that’s behind it. It’s coming. It’s all coming to education on it. It’s starting to come around and starting to come around the corner and it’s just going to take a little bit of time. Nothing happens overnight and when that happenes it’s going to be great. It’s gonna be great for players. It gives the players another option, a great alternative to help relieve pain in a safe alternative all natural way.

James West:Okay. So, the regular seasons are supposed to go up to 18 from 16 and players union isn’t exactly pleased about that. You think the allowance of CBD as a tool to help recovery is a major part of that program that could help the players union get behind it?

Rob Gronkowski:I mean 18 16 games. I mean that’s a whole different ballgame you’re talking. I mean, I would say there’s going to be so much more talk about that than just allowing CBD to be legal and to make it 18 games and there’s so much more that we’ll go into that to make it 18 games. But to make CBD legal will just be a great alternative for players and doesn’t matter if you’re playing 18 games are 16 games. You’re still taking hits every Sunday. You’re still taking hits throughout the week at practices and also you’re already have four preseason games that you’re taking hits at. So I think it will definitely be a huge step forward allowing it, to Advocate it, a lot of the NFL to allow, All Sports Authority to legalize CBD because it’s just, you know, it’s all natural man and the ingredients on the topical cream that CBD medic that Perry created is just an all natural way. It’s not just the CBD that’s all natural. It’s the whole entire product that is all natural. Great ingredients with Menthol and camphor what’s definitely help out to that’s the main ingredients that help out and then and then the bases with beeswax and five essential oils. And you know, it’s all-natural to safe. And that’s the best way to go

James West:You bet. Where can we buy this product today?

Perry Antelman:Now you can buy it in over 5,000 locations retail locations throughout the United States. It’s actually offered in 24 States and you can also get a healthcare practitioners. So, you can go online to and you can just type in your zip code and it will show you, there’s a store finder that they can help you buy or you can buy it online

James West:Very cool. So pro football players. They play football every Sunday. Once a year they play on Thursday as well. If you had CBD between Sunday and Thursday, would that make the Thursday game that much better,

Rob Gronkowski:It just gives us a safe alternative way for players to recover quicker. Definitely it’s not going to pull a miracle out. You’re going to still have to put the work in but it gives you that relief throughout the week and you know it could. If you got an injury from Sunday a little bruised you could definitely apply it on and get that relief that you’re looking for. Especially during a quick recovery week from Sunday to Thursday because that’s a super quick turn-around. You got to literally be on top of it right after the Sunday game. You got to start doing your type of treatments. You got to start applying what you need to apply to get ready for that Thursday game directly after the Sunday game. So, you know, that’s a quick turnaround and you know, I believe that CBD medic topical cream and CBD would give you a little bit of boost ,a little bit more benefit to help that recovery from Sunday to Thursday.

James West:Yeah, you bet. All right. So, what is the current approach to dealing with pain and recovery from play related injury,

Rob Gronkowski:It’s all about the player man. It’s all about how they approach them. It’s a personal approach a. It’s how much you can deal with pain how much you want to deal how much you want to get better how much you want to heal and everyone’s different some people, you know, there was times in my career. Very young 20s, you know, you just think you’re never gonna get hurt. You think those injuries just go away. You just mentally tough it out. You know, you don’t really do anything. You don’t really have a routine when you’re young but as you get older you start feeling it more and when you start feeling it more it’s not as pleasant playing everything you start finding ways to deal with it. You start doing treatment methods. I mean acupunctures out there, there’s massages that and then I started focusing on that started learning about that type of stuff type of exercises. help you realign your body, it’s all the preference of the player. It’s all dealing with what type of injury you’re also dealing with but the best thing to do to recover during the week is to get on top of it directly after the game. That’s the best way to heal. So, it doesn’t do as much damage to your body having the injury and to get on top of that injury that you sustained throughout the game.

James West:Very cool. What’s the sort of runway look like for Abacus as a business going out into the next year from an investor perspective.

Perry Antelman:Actually quite wonderful. I’m in fact by the end of this year we expect to be in over seven thousand locations starting next year. What’s unique about those seven thousand locations. A lot of those stores are just the initial rollout and they actually represent north of 30 thousand locations when they decide to go chain wide. So, if you look at a major retail chain, and they have only put it in a thousand of 1,500 stores, but that retail chain eventually, we’ll roll it out into 10,000 locations. You can take that multiply to 7,000 stores. You multiply it by that same five and you can be in thirty five thousand stores. That is already. But in addition to our roll it into Retail Pharmacy, which is a very large Market. 100,000 retail pharmacies and food drug and mass throughout the United States. 70,000 of them are retail chain related. But in addition to the retail chain Market is also the convenience store Market another channel that will be working in as well. And we have also the existing Market that we have very prominent and we have that the leading brand in that market as well, which is the healthcare practitioner market then we have the entire Gronk line coming out. End of first quarter next year. With all these coming forward it looks great and I had to say it but in the writing’s on the wall where we were nine months ago to where we are now where we have the footprint the necessary footprint. We have the technology. We have the distribution channels in place. We have a wonder that wonderful footprint with 13 skews one of the major retail chains, 14 and another major retail chain, that’s is a phenomenal position to be in. Its a really looking great for next year. And of course the year after that

James West:Great. All right gentlemen, that’s an awesome introduction to the company great to talk to you both. Thanks for joining me today.

Perry Antelman:Thank you so much for having us

Rob Gronkowski:Appreciate you having us.


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