PDAC 2020: Coronavirus Convention

Lots of banter these days around the effect of Coronavirus on the 2020 business conference circuit. Conferences and airports are among the key vector convergence points for the spread of viral infections like COVID-19. Or 2019-nCoV, or SARS-CoV-2, or whatever you want to call it.

The Prospectors and Developers Convention organizers are cognizant of the threat, stating on their website, “At this time, there are no programming changes scheduled for PDAC 2020 Convention and it will continue as planned. We will provide further updates to attendees and participants accordingly.”

PDAC is the world’s largest mining event. Last year the convention drew more than 25,000 delegates from around the world.

Already 177 exhibitions for February have been cancelled or rescheduled, including the Shanghai International Industrial Automation and Robot Exhibition, the Prolight and Sound Fair in Guangzhou and the International Equipment Machinery Exhibition in Jinan city, China Trade News reported. There are more than 200 that have are in the process of being postponed or cancelled for March. And that’s just China.

Mobile World Congress — the world’s largest telecommunications trade show scheduled to begin February 14 — was canceled because of the virus. The annual event, which was scheduled for later this month, drew some 100,000 people last year.

Wouldn’t it be smart to postpone PDAC for 2020?

Personally, I’m not going anywhere near PDAC this year. In an age where information and face-to-face discussion is easily and seamlessly (usually) enabled by modern technology, throwing a massive party for 3 days in the midst of a burgeoning pandemic is just idiotic.

I’m sure the swaggering tough-guy set out there are already mocking such sentiment, but that is precisely the mentality that viruses like Coronavirus exploit to achieve population growth. Stupid human beings, it will one day be noted in the historical ledger, are the greatest cause of premature death among the species.

Can Canadian Mining afford to postpone the PDAC in a rebound year?

I know I know I know….what kind of asshole shoots down the most important mining conference of the year in a year where the entire industry that has been suffering since 2012 is finally catching a break?

The Coronavirus has lately been tracking a 3 percent mortality rate. I’d rather suffer another lethargic year in my mining portfolio than I would face those odds for the sake of a convention where I basically shake hands with everyone I otherwise talk to on the phone throughout the year. One more year isn’t going to kill us…unless….

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