Financial Crisis 2020 Day 8: The Markets Have Severe Coronavirus

Today let’s consider the extent to which Coronavirus is being used by the financial systems plumbers (central bankers)  to justify an entire realm of unprecedented changes to the world’s entire monetary machine.

I’m not suggesting Coronavirus itself is any less concerning than it is from a health standpoint.

But I am seeing increasing signs that, under the cover of the Coronavirus pandemic, central bankers at the Fed and the US Treasury are working hand in hand behind the scenes to actively decimate your 401k.

Why? Because they know that the situation in the US is much worse financially than any coronavirus could be uniquely responsible for.

Under the guise of “emergency stimulus measures”, your government is intentionally causing deflation. With interest rates at zero, banks have no margin to make on lending money. So what do they do? They withhold their participation in the Fed’s overnight Repo market.

Why should they provide cash to keep the wheels of financing turning when there’s no money in it for them?

And what does the Fed do? Commits to $4.5 trillion in Repo market capital injections into mid-April that essentially give bankers a giant government welfare check.

Looks like the markets are struggling with a severe case of COVID-19, and the survival of the patient is in doubt.

It should come as no surprise. We know that patients in over 80 have above a 14 percent mortality rate so far, and these markets were certainly compromised by an underlying medical issue – namely, acute addiction to government stimulus just to keep its pulse up.

After yesterday’s brief respite from tumbling asset prices, the Financial Collapse of 2020 is picking up steam again.

Stocks are crashing and they have a lot further to fall. How much of your 401k is in stocks? How much does your retirement rely on a healthy stock market?

But even more to the point: How important is it to you that your US dollar purchasing power remains strong?

Maybe that’s the fear driving average everyday Americans to start stockpiling food by the truckload.

The Despicable Act of Excessive Hoarding

Times of crisis tend to bring out the best and the worst in people.

Case in point: The couple in this video were seen to clear out the entire meat inventory of a Save-on-Foods in Alberta for their personal storage.

In a perfect, this sociopathic couple would be refused the ability to essentially deprive the rest of their community access to meat protein, and in a best case scenario, they would be incarcerated.

In the most severe crises in human history, when the rule of law is suspended by circumstances, such hoarding could result in the perpetrators being lynched.

The New York Times featured a story about an “entrepreneur” who drove to every Walmart within a 500 mile radius of his house, and cleaned out the supplies of masks, gloves, sanitary wipes and hand sanitizer, then started selling them on Amazon and eBay.

Both of those outlets have since moved to curb profiteering. It is a testament to how far the character of the United States has disintegrated that the New York Times colours the tone of its coverage of the misanthropic creep with sympathy for the fact that now his garage is full of medical supplies he can’t sell for a wild profit anymore.

The man, Matt Colvin from Tennessee, is now under investigation for price gouging, has been suspended from Amazon and eBay, and has received death threats in an outpouring of public rage as a result of the Times article. Safe to say, his status in the community has likely changed forever, and rightly so.

Take Measures Now to Protect Yourself – Before its too late!

Humanity is quickly deteriorating into its lowest common denominator. Do you want your family to be held at the mercy of guys like Matt Colvin?

There’s only one way to prepare for the new world we have now entered: make money. Lots of it.

The time for idly watching stocks go up and down is over. If you’re not fully engaged in researching ways to secure your family’s financial future, you are letting them down.

The unprecedented market volatility is destroying 401ks throughout the world, but properly armed, you can turn the turmoil to your advantage.

James West

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