Nevermind Coronavirus: Time to Prepare for the Next Pandemics

James West

There are a million things to be learned from this viral outbreak. Among the greatest lessons I’ve learned:

  • The global system of government is is aligned to use any crisis to “socialize” – in other words, put the cost burden on taxpayers – their exorbitant lifestyles, opulent homes and offices, and jetsetting sense of entitlement and superiority that justifies it. While they pretend to have the interests of taxpayers at heart, they really just corral taxpayers into categories that determine what level of access they might have to government largesse, if any.
  • The mainstream news media is hopelessly imprisoned by Google, who is obviously the beneficiary of a complete monopoly on search results, thanks to their surveillance and perception management services to governments. We hear only a single unified voice from the thus captive news media that perfectly parrots the government line.
  • The banking system is a monstrous whore of an industry, that facelessly disqualifies entitlement to basic human rights on the basis of ability to pay. And the ability to pay is apportioned by the government who is appointed by the banking system – not through any democratic process, which is a sham. At least in China and Russia, there is no pretence of noble democratic principles: the brutal authoritarian rule is unquestioned, until it is, for which the penalty is death or disappearance.
  • And the medical community is divided into two camps: those who have ditched the hippocratic oath of the caregiver for they hypocritic bureaucracy of government agency oversight, and those who selflessly adhere to the hippocratic oath and do their best to save the lives of complete strangers. Many of them fall to the very infection they are battling.

A cynical distrust of government and media is pretty much the norm now across broad swaths of societies around the world.  The corrupt and biased presentation of search results renders the internet almost useless when seeking ideas for survival; you are only served ads from the highest bidders for Google’s pay-for-play primary business.

And while we struggle to sift through the disinformation that is rained upon us by these thoroughly corrupted institutions,  we need to learn from these lessons, and prepare for the next pandemic, which, just like the current one, will be spread to every corner of the world by selfish, entitled, executive-level “road warriors” who wear their airmiles like some infantile trophy.

First takeaway: Self-reliance is the only strategy for survival in such a screwed up world. We need to be debt-free, and have sufficient property to grow our own food. With renewable energy, we can also be self-sufficient.

The freest men and women on earth are those who own their own property free and clear, produce their own energy, food and clothing, and are beholden to no one for anything. The children of such people are the best equipped psychologically to continue that legacy.

How ironic is it that these values are identical the values that determined who lived and who died among human tribes from time immemorial?

When this current pandemic is brought under control – likely through the process of natural selection and evolution – there will be many more to follow. Each will be different, and haved unique characteristics that will require a different response. Observing the data and deriving one’s own conclusions is likely the better bet to relying on Google to drive you to a bought and paid-for result, which as often as not will not be repuatable or trustworthy.

While many will revert to the pursuit of self-enrichment in the conventional sense as this pandemic begins to recede, the wise ones will realize that the world has not neccesarily changed forever, as the mainstream media would have us gullibly swallow. Rather, it is simply trying to get the attention of those who listen to remind them of what is truly valuable.

James West

James West

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