US Markets Primed to Deliver Fake Positive Opening

James West

S&P and Dow futures are indicating up to 800 point higher open for the major indices – yet more evidence of the tampering with markets by US Treasury and Fed – related entities actively manipulating overnight futures prices to indicate a higher open. This has the effect of creating a false sense of positive sentiment in the market in an effort to lure algorithmic traders into the market by triggering automatic buying routines. If algos start buying, then the broader market perceives a “risk-on” sentiment that catalyzes more buying in the indices. Its fraudulent, and if it were you or I conducting such operations, illegal.

But we live in extraordinary times. The leadership of the world’s financial system – mostly the US – is once again squandering an opportunity to consolidate the ridiculous excess inherent in the global “debt” debacle that renders the entire proposition of integrity in the global financial system laughable.

Make no mistake: the US government specifically targets stock market numbers because they are revered as the most reliable barometer of whether the financial world is healthy, and base all of their predictions on the future health of the system on those numbers.

The objective is to deliver CNBC talking heads who can say “the Dow is poised to open higher” to give its viewers a sense that the world is okay.

This is a dangerous and frankly infantile approach to a government. It demonstrates a preference toward reliance on delusion as opposed to reality. Planning based on delusion results in nothing more or less than the furtherance of fantasy. Problems have zero hope of any real solution as long as this is the default approach of our world’s leaders.

So while yes, the Dow is poised to open higher on this Monday in the midst of this generation’s medical pandemic, the sentiment that everything is okay needs to be disregarded, and preparation for a DJIA heading to 14,000 or lower is my prediction for when things might start to return to normal.

The prevalence of delusion in the approach of to the world’s more pressing problems is a direct reflection of the calibre of US leadership from the top down, and is furthermore testament to how low the average intelligence of humanity is trending.

The fact that Google aid and abets such widespread embrace of delusion by manually delivering search results that affirm the government’s messaging is a reflection of that enterprise’s exploitation of weak-minded leadership to cement their defacto monopoly.

James West

James West

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