May 8, 2020

These 3 Stocks Are Poised To Boom During The Pandemic

Midas Letter
Midas Letter
These 3 Stocks Are Poised To Boom During The Pandemic

The Coronavirus has presented many challenges to healthcare workers, the economy and traders. The uncertainty in markets are at a all-time high.

We ask ourselves as traders and investors… How do we learn from this? How do we profit from this? How do we take advantage of the happenings in the economy right now?

Wealthpress Head Trader Roger Scott joined Midas Letter to answer these questions and discuss what he’s looking at in the stock market today to make investors profits.

We have to look at industries and sub-industries where opportunities lie. Industries that have benefited when most stocks valuations get slashed.

For example: Digital Realty Trust, Inc. (NYSE:DLR) is a REIT, but one a bit different from the usual commercial real estate owners. The company rents out server rooms to power the cloud-based operations.

Netflix Inc (NASDAQ:NFLX) subscribers have been streaming about 203,840,000 hours per day during quarantine. The average Netflix users in the US are using a total of around 18.346 million TB of data per month during the pandemic quarantine. All of this data has to live somewhere. Digital Realty Trust owns the physical infrastructure for this kind of data server.

But, there are 3 other types of REIT’s that are completely focused on what is driving the economy right now. Most investors aren’t even considering these REIT angles.

Prologis Inc. (NYSE:PLD) is the largest owner of warehouses in the U.S. and is getting a boost as social-distancing pushes consumers into the world of e-commerce. As Amazon and Walmart deal with the increased demand for shipping products, those companies also need warehouse space to store all of their items. Prologis is that solution.

American Tower Corp. (NYSE:AMT) is one of the largest global REITs. They operate multitenant communications real estate with a portfolio of approximately 180,000 communications towers with contracts with AT&T and T-Mobile for 5G. This Stock is providing all the towers in the U.S. for 5G.

Crown Castle International (NYSE:CCI) Keeping with the 5G trend. This REIT holds 40,000 cell towers and 70,000 miles of fibre-optic cable installed all on the 5G line.

Watch the full interview for a unique perspective on how the world and the stock market alike will be changed permanently after this pandemic. Using the information presented to gain a thorough insight into how to capitalize on the current market conditions in the short-term and long-term.

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