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Stocks started the week on another high note. The S&P 500 Index (INDEXSP:.INX) has been on a tear since the dip in March due to the Coronavirus.

Simultaneously, the US is officially now in an economic recession. So, at what point does the stock market subsidized by Quantitative Easing and Zero Interest Rate Policy reverse course and head back to correction territory?

A stock market collapse can not be predicted as long as governments are fabricating capital and capping interest rates at negligible levels.

The country feels safe as long as nobody calls in their debt, which allows central banks and governments to continue to build their house of cards higher and higher…

Since 2009, the S&P has been built on a never-ending stream of government-fabricated cash. Which makes this stock run to the upside impossible to sustain forever.

That’s why investors content in the delusion that their picks within the S&P 500 have been reliably notching gains since the bounce back from the COVID-19 dip, are in huge risk of giving it all back.

However, if you truly want to protect your wealth and achieve large financial profits from tangible company growth, there is a new regulation that changes everything.

With the Regulation A+ market place, investors are going to be in the safest and most profitable positions away from constructed government intervention.

A regulation that will allow you to make your investment decisions based upon fundamental reasons that make sense. Totally risk free from short bandits, scalpers, or investment bankers propped up on an economy that is already in recession.

This is because you are investing into companies which are private and not yet trading in the public stock market.

As with any investment decision, there will be risks. The earlier you invest into a companies life, the less groundwork has been laid which proves concept. But, it can be much more rewarding when the investments do pay off. When those companies do go public, the returns can easily be in the thousands of percent, making early investors extremely wealthy.

This regulation gives the power back to you as an investor.

Its less of a guessing game when it comes to judging a company’s value based upon bids for stock (even though they might have no intention or even ability to follow through) or offers for stock (even though they might not even have any) in unregulated volumes that cause investors to see markets distorted by fake orders and volumes of interest.

Your investment is now a measured, calculated decision solely reliant on your belief in a company.

Did you ever wish you could invest in Facebook, Inc. (NASDAQ:FB), Google (NASDAQ:GOOGL) or, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) BEFORE they hit the stock market? Well now you are given that opportunity. Regular traders can now TAP into the next MULTI-trillion-dollar opportunity.

Click here for more information on Regulation A+ and the Gray Market.

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