The Disrupted Universe

This month, I launched a new product called “The Disruptors”. I wanted to talk today about why I am so thrilled to have this new service rolling out on the Wealth Press platform. 

I’m not just thrilled – I’m proud.

Proud of the people on the Wealthpress and Midas team for coming together in such a tremendous demonstration of what can be accomplished when the focus is on creating a product that reflects not just the character, but the values and standards of the person for whom the product is being developed.

It means that I have been able to, for the first time, focus on identifying and articulating the opportunity inherent in our disrupted universe, and how, with a little help, every single investor across every walk of life, should be able to create generational, life-changing wealth.

The Disruptors of our world – and right now, I like to point to Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Sir Richard Branson, among others – are outstanding individuals for whom the forces of nature have converged as if to elevate them to the status of corporate gods as of their own volition.

As if the sheer act of willing to strive for what has never been tested, proven or even articulated, is enough to call attention to their quest, and induce all the positivity and circumstance needed to not just succeed, but blow away expectations.

Despite the social upheaval in the United States and around the world these days, we are about to see our lives transformed again and again, as these visionary captains of industry ignore the obstacles and reach of the stars, all the while being told it can never be done.

My new product is only made possible by their tenacity,  and our world made better by their indomitable spirit of enterprise.

So what is “The Disruptors”?

The Disruptors is my bi-weekly feature of the companies who are in the midst of seeking out the next chapter in human innovation, and who have yet to be discovered or named in the media.

For the most part, these are tomorrow’s Teslas, Amazons, and Virigins, all with the potential to have amazing impacts on the way we transact, communicate, travel and recreate.

Let’s face it; the speed of evolution is now accelerating to the point where new technologies are appearing that boggle the mind, yet facilitate the simplest changes in our lives.

The advent of “Sky-Fi”, the Low Earth Orbit satellite born cellular data network that promises to make the next generation of voice and data communications faster, better, and more robust, is the case in point I feature in this month’s edition of The Disruptors.

Sky-Fi will make broadband wireless service available to every corner of the globe, from desert to ice cap to mountain top. It will alleviate internet congestion in New York while sending data from the International Space Station back to Earth.

It will make trading faster, and level the playing field for the retail investor. It will make personal security an invisible guarantee. It will stop violence, prevent wars, and save lives.

But it’s not just space that is being disrupted.

The unprecedented-in-our-lifetimes global pandemic has ignited a tsunami of research, and a hot-blooded race, to create cures, treatments and unlock the genetic intricacies of the novel coronavirus to achieve new medical defenses that will prevent its and its recurrence.

Energy generation is about to be disrupted by the long-pursued promise of cold fusion – limitless, cheap energy that is clean and almost perpetual.

Quantum computing is about to take the speeds of CPU’s and calculations into the realm of light speed – literally and figuratively.

Food technology will help the billions get fed. Water purification technology will end thirst. And agricultural technology will bring us food security.

This is the era of innovation.

We are living in a time where we could well see the end of poverty, starvation and premature death by disease.

We are living in the time of The Disruptors.

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James West

Editor and Publisher

James West founded Midas Letter in 2008 and has since been covering the best of Canadian and US small cap companies. He covers global economics, monetary policy, geopolitical evolution, political corruption, commodities, cannabis and cryptocurrencies. As an active market participant, James is not a journalist and is invariably discussing markets...
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