March 31, 2021

Danavation (DVN): The Future of Digital Retail Technology

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Midas Letter
Danavation (DVN): The Future of Digital Retail Technology

Danavation Technologies Corp (CNSX: DVN) is an Internet of Things (IoT) technology company with products that have vast applications across the retail industry and beyond. Mainly, Danavation has developed micro e-paper displays, named Digital Smart Labels™ (DSL), which digitize the retail experience – automating labeling, price, product information, and promotions.

As John Ricci, Danavation Technologies Corp President & CEO says “we are digitizing a tedious, archaic method of pricing and taking it into the next century.”

These colour displays update pricing and product information in real-time to improve operational efficiency, reduce labour costs, and unlock dynamic pricing. As an example, retailers having to update price tags and product information using traditional paper tags takes time, is very labour intensive, results in a high possibility of errors, and involves a lot of event planning. Danavation solves these issues to allow current employees to concentrate on other retail initiatives.

DSL’s are also desirable as economies reopen from the pandemic. As Danavation’s system uses technology with fewer employee touchpoints, the risk of contamination is reduced.

The Company’s IoT automation technology is already being used as a software platform-as-a-service (PaaS) at many North American retailers. From big-box chains to boutique grocers, as well as healthcare providers, manufacturing, and logistics companies. Danavation is also currently working with the U.S. military for further applications of its technology.

With 30 years of retail solutions experience running Dana Industries Inc, Danavation’s management team is positioned to leverage existing relationships with customers like Walmart, Longos, Loblaws, McKesson, Toy R Us, and LCBO – to name a few.

John Ricci, President & CEO sees “continued growth to be driven by the development of new proprietary products and services within the retail and grocery segment.”

Watch the full interview to learn Danavation’s business plan, their current client pipeline, future projects/growth catalysts, and why this could be the early stages of a new retail experience.


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