How Biden and Trudeau Promote Genocide and Condone Murder

James West

The decision by Joseph Biden to release intelligence pointing to the unequivocal authorization of Jamal Khashoggi’s murder by Saudi Arabian despot Mohammed Bin Salam, or “MBS”, was a moment for celebration.

While fleeting, it appeared that the “leader of the free world” – the United States of America – was actually going to walk the walk and pursue prosecution of MBS.

Alas, hours later, it was broadcast by the White House that there would be no attempt to hold MBS accountable – i.e. charged with murder.

And so, the leader of the free world actually confirmed the title as one of national self-delusion.

Similarly, in the Canadian House of Commons on February 22, the vote was 266 – 0 in favour of declaring China’s treatment of its Uighur population as ‘genocide’. But conspicuously absent from the vote was Justin Trudeau, who abstained.

In both of these cases, leaders of G7 countries opted to elevate political expedience over the rule of law they lay claim to uphold and be bound by. They have abdicated publicly their responsibility toward all human beings and caused the humiliation of all citizens of those countries by hypocrisizing each nations’ perceived core values.

And this is part of a continuing trend, by G7 nations, to project democracy while practicing oligarchy.

As citizens, how can we be expected to follow the rule of law when our leaders openly break it in the name of diplomacy?

The long tradition of leaders covering for leaders has got to end.

Cloaking criminal complicity in the mantel of ‘diplomacy’ is an aberration to anyone with genuine humanity.

China, especially, needs to be brought to heel with its persistent hegemony using genocide and forced relocation as the principal tools of its naked ambition.

By condoning and perpetuating the illusion of diplomatic immunity, they negate the falsehood that ‘no one is above the law’. 

By their example, the reality would appear to be ‘anyone can get away with murder’.

James West

James West

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