March 1, 2021

Should You Love or Fear Crypto Volatility?

Midas Letter
Midas Letter
Should You Love or Fear Crypto Volatility?

Have you missed out on the massive profits bitcoin and ethereum owners have seen in recent times? Or have the crypto’s made you sick to your stomach as the price swings violently from one direction to the other?

What we do know is governments and central banks globally are printing money to fight against the economic downturn which came along with the pandemic. As this happens, what is protecting your value or your wealth?

There are two lines of thoughts. You either have to invest in commodities and/or cryptocurrencies. One a lot more volatile than the other and one would’ve made you a lot more wealth this year.

Watch the full Monday Morning Roundtable for our analysis on the state of cryptos, commodities, and interest rates and how best to protect/grow your wealth.


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