May 18, 2021

The Big Short ft Elon Musk, Tesla, Bitcoin

Midas Letter
Midas Letter
The Big Short ft Elon Musk, Tesla, Bitcoin

Ed Milewski is back to answer audience questions. This week Elon Musk seems to be the central theme as Tesla Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) and Bitcoin (BTC) come under pressure.

The star of “The Big Short” Michael Burry has gone out on another one of his limbs and has shorted the electric vehicle giant. The interlink between @elonmusk tweets and Tesla’s involvement in Bitcoin is seen on both charts. Tesla has seen a 40% drop since Cathie Woods of ARK innovation ETF dumped $180 million shares. Meanwhile, Bitcoin is down 35% since its all-time high of $64,900 last month. Most of those tumbled were seen after numerous Musk tweets.

It’s not all doom-and-gloom however as equities seem to be behaving with more stability from last week’s inflation worries. Gold is breaking out, rising to its highest level in 3 months. Could gold be the hedge to ease global pandemic concerns, inflation, and a weakening US dollar?

Watch the full Q&A to see whether recent price drops in Tesla and Bitcoin have presented buy opportunities for investors, how gold’s three-month high is linked, and what to make of inflation.


0:03 – A look at markets this week

1:44 – Should investors be worried about inflation?

2:35 – Thoughts on Tesla with ARK Innovation ETF (NYSEARCA:ARKK) sell, crypto volatility, and Michael Burry short position?

4:01 – What are your thoughts on Bitcoin?

4:59 – Do you believe in the fundamentals of Bitcoin or is Bitcoin 100% based on risk sentiment?

6:03 – Gold price rise to its highest level in 3 months

7:32 – I love to hear your thoughts on copper. What great insights do you have for us this week?

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