June 18, 2021

How Tweets Influence Markets | Midas Letter RAW ft DELIC, WonderFi & AcuityAds

Twitter is a powerful online service that investors/traders can use to monitor the news and gauge market sentiment.

Although you have to be careful as the credibility of news sources and the prevalence of “fake news” has to be questioned before contacting your broker.

Certain “influencers” on the platform always seem to move markets when providing their opinion. The two we highlight in this week’s episode are Cassandra @michaeljburry (the traders who shorted the US housing market before anyone else saw the bubble) and The DogeFather @elonmusk.

People generally listen to what both gentlemen have to say as they are both very successful in what they do, and usually, their Tweets influence trends in markets.

Most famously, Elon Musk tweeted he would take Tesla private, and he had the cash to repurchase the shares to facilitate such a transaction. Although not true, the tweet sent Tesla’s stock price skyrocketing towards the $420 target.

Musk has now turned his tweeting attention to Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. He tweeted in February that Tesla purchased $1.5 billion worth of crypto to hold as a reserve asset, and Tesla would accept BTC payments. These tweets rose Bitcoin’s price by more than 10%, hitting a new all-time high.

Watch the full show as we dissect the twitter phenomena, as well as commodity prices, interest rates, and inflation.

We have 3 exclusive interviews on deck in today’s episode:


Take the psych out of psychedelic and what do you get? The first umbrella platform focused on providing information on psychedelics and related matters. Delic’s product offerings include a blog, podcast, e-commerce store and periodic events.

2. WonderFi

Named after Mr. Wonderful himself, Kevin O’Leary, following the entrepreneur extraordinaire’s latest strategic investment. WonderFi is on a mission to simplify and streamline access to the assets and technology that power the new era of decentralized finance. WonderFi has a proprietary dashboard that integrates with the entire DeFi ecosystem.

“DeFi is where the puck is going, thats why I’m putting money to work and I want to make yield on my coin. Remember I’m a royalty guy!” – Kevin O’Leary

3. AcuityAds Holdings Inc (NASDAQ:ATY, TSE:AT)

AcuityAds provides marketers with a one-stop solution for omnichannel digital advertising with best-of-category return on advising spend. Its journey automation technology Illumin has seen huge success since its launch, as shown by its latest financials. AcuityAds generated $27.5 million in Revenue (↑ 13.4% YoY)
driven by Illumin and newer emerging verticals such as pharmaceutical, technology and direct-to-consumer brands. The company IPO’d on the NASDAQ this week.


02:47 – US Federal Reserve statements

03:52 – US 10-Year rate chart

06:08 – Lumber chart

09:06 – **DELIC Holdings interview**

23:16 – DELIC chart

24:08 – Michael J Burry tweets & overvalued markets

30:07 – Elon Musk tweets & Tesla

33:02 – Voxtur Analytics

35:09 – **WonderFi interview**

51:49 – **AcuityAds Holdings interview**

1:04:40 – Commodities

1:05:00 – Oil price

1:05:40 – Copper

1:08:30 – Audience questions

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