June 24, 2021

Reimagined Advertising Automation Stock IPOs on NASDAQ | AcuityAds

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Reimagined Advertising Automation Stock IPOs on NASDAQ | AcuityAds

AcuityAds Holdings Inc (NASDAQ:ATY, TSE:AT) provides marketers with a one-stop solution for omnichannel digital advertising. In a world where advertisers are becoming very picky where they spend their money, Acuity has reimagined digital advertising automation to provide marketers with best-of-category returns on investment. Its journey automation technology, illumin™, closes the gap between advertising planning and execution.

AcuityAds journey automation technology has seen huge success since its launch, as seen in its latest financials. AcuityAds generated $27.5 million in Revenue (↑ 13.4% YoY).

“Once we launch illumin last year, we have a clear differentiator out there. And the excitement we are seeing because of illumin is through the roof. We launched it in Q4 of last year. We didnt even expect to have revenue until the second half of this year. We already had $1.5 million running on it in Q4, $3.2 million running in Q1. Q2 looking amazing as well. The adoption of illumin happened much larger than expected.” – AcuityAds CEO Tal Hayek

To build on the company’s success, AcuityAds recently launched a marketed public offering of $50M of its shares in the U.S. and Canada, representing the company’s IPO in the U.S.

Watch the full interview to understand AcuityAd’s differentiated direction of digital advertising, what the company plans on doing with its recent capital raise, and its stellar financials.


00:23 – What has driven 10x growth over the last decade?

01:08 – How illumin AI engine is superior to other platforms

03:06 – What AcuityAds will do with proceeds from capital raise?

03:58 – Different components of advertising platform

05:21 – Biggest competitors

06:31 – Brands AcuityAds work with

07:07 – How to maximize consumer journey

08:50 – Google ads

09:47 – Analyst guidance

10:15 – Revenue growth

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