June 3, 2021

Voxtur Analytics (VXTRF) Achieves 183% Revenue Growth YoY

Midas Letter
Midas Letter
Voxtur Analytics (VXTRF) Achieves 183% Revenue Growth YoY

Voxtur Analytics Corp (OTCMKTS:VXTRF, CVE:VXTR) has started 2021 like its revolutionary real estate transaction platform: at the speed of light. The company has followed through on robust growth initiatives achieving a 183% increase in revenue year-over-year for the first quarter.

That sounds impressive enough. But, to understand why this growth story is poised to continue, you have to understand the milestones achieved by Voxtur during Q1.

Voxtur merged a collection of title and several mortgage technologies all under one roof to start the quarter off. This unification of disruptive technologies, tackling different segments along the real estate transaction chain, laid the foundation for future growth.

Looking at the latest financials, the impressive revenue increase included only one full month of full operations with those assets working together. The numbers would’ve looked even more impressive if the deal was completed at the beginning of the quarter rather than part way through.

By annualizing the numbers in Voxtur’s Q1 financials using March as a base case, the company will achieve an $87.6 million annual revenue run rate. That’s a 300% increase from last year.

Another key point to remember is that the financials are not including data stemming from Voxtur’s latest synergistic acquisition of Appraisals Now (Anow) (Appraisals Now (anow) Founder Marty Haldane on Voxtur Merger)

The Anow acquisition added the only end-to-end, encrypted, route-optimized, AI-enabled platform in North America to the growing arsenal of Voxtur technology. Once Anow’s system is fully baked into the Voxtur machine – integrating mortgage lenders, services, and investors – it will produce at a very high margin.

“In the near term, you’re going to have the valuation technology permeate the business. When we’re looking ahead, there are a couple of dominant players in the prop data space that we’re looking at partnerships with that hopefully I’ll be able to announce something concrete soon. Obviously, we have our eye on several acquisition targets. I expect that Q2 is going to be another large step forward in the evolution of this platform.” –┬áVoxtur Analytics President Jim Albertelli

These are exciting times for shareholders. Revenues are growing, margins are continuing to expand, and more pieces of the puzzle are ready to come into the mix.

Watch the full interview for an overview of Voxtur’s blowout quarter, what business unit provides the greatest proportion of revenues, how the end of the moratorium on mortgages will impact the company’s bottom line and more!


00:00 – Voxtur Analytics President Jim Albertelli
00:46 – Overview of Q1 financials
01:51 – Revenue per business unit
04:28 – Which business unit provided the greatest proportion of revenue increase?
07:12 – How will the end of the moratorium on mortgages impact the bottom line?
10:29 – Foreclosure environment in the US

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