June 11, 2021

Welcome to the $29 Billion Shroom Boom | Midas Letter RAW ft COMPASS Pathways & NEXE Innovation

Midas Letter
Midas Letter
Welcome to the $29 Billion Shroom Boom | Midas Letter RAW ft COMPASS Pathways & NEXE Innovation

Whether you want to call it the new $29 Billion biotech sector or the Shroom Boom, psychedelics have the potential to give you the trip of your life in more ways than one.

The New York Times reported that MDMA could successfully treat PTSD…

Public companies are undergoing the scientific research necessary to prove psilocybin is more effective than current depression/anxiety medications…

Psychedelic stocks are starting to emerge with sky-high potential. Just wait for the once illegal drugs to move out of labs and into doctors’ offices.

In this week’s Midas Letter RAW, we discuss our thoughts on the rise of the fungi, James & Eds experiences on them, some commodity/inflation chat and Latin America’s influence on copper economics, and of course, some of our favourite stocks to watch. 

We have 2 exclusive interviews on deck in today’s episode:

  1. COMPASS Pathways PLC (NASDAQ:CMPS) CEO George Goldsmith

We’re excited to talk with the grandaddy and NASDAQ darling of Psychedelics, Compass Pathways. If you don’t already know, Compass is trying to treat serious forms of depression by using psilocybin. Specifically, looking to treat treatment-resistant depression (TRD), which has an 80-90% relapse rate and affects 100 million people worldwide. Compass is currently conducting Phase IIb clinical trials with results expected to be out at the end of FY 2021. This is a very insightful interview and really outlines why CEO George Goldsmith is passionate about the psychedelic space.

  1. NEXE Innovation Inc (CVE:NEXE, OTCMKTS:NEXNF) President Ash Guglani

NEXE is disrupting the coffee pod industry. All those Nespresso and Keurig pods you have for breakfast (50 billion of them per year) are clogging up landfills with no real regard for what happens to them. NEXE owns the only patented, fully compostable, plant-based, single-serve coffee pods for use in those leading single-serve coffee machines. And according to the CEO, NEXE has perfected the taste and extraction using its customized IP technology. We hope to speak with President Ash Guglani again soon for more company updates and get our hands on a few samples of its NEXE pod – made from plant fibre, compostable polymers, and other compostable materials, with a bamboo casing. (I like the Colombian variety personally 😉 Just sayin’)


04:20 – Peruvian election & copper supply

05:55 – Copper chart

08:00 – Commodity war between US & China

12:48 – **COMPASS Pathways PLC (NASDAQ:CMPS) interview**

24:00 – Psychedelics & mental health

27:19 – Voxtur Analytics Corp (OTCMKTS:VXTRF, CVE:VXTR) LOI to acquire Benutech

29:20 – James & Ed psilocybin experiences

33:38 – Rritual Superfoods Inc (OTCMKTS:RRSFF, CNSX:RSF)

39:05 – **NEXE Innovation Inc (CVE:NEXE, OTCMKTS:NEXNF) interview**

47:42 – El Salvador approving Crypto as legal tender

49:23 – NEXE Innovation chart

51:00 – CPI shows the fastest inflation since 2008

56:09 – Audience questions

59:03 – Battery metals

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