July 14, 2021

A New Chapter in Gaming with NFT’s | Wondr Gaming (WDR)

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A New Chapter in Gaming with NFT’s | Wondr Gaming (WDR)

Wondr Gaming (CNSX:WDR) has opened a new chapter in gaming, esports, and traditional sports. The company has reimagined the gaming ecosystem through NFTs and loyalty & rewards.

NFTs or non-fungible tokens have quickly become one of the largest crypto trends. NFTs are virtual tokens that represent ownership of something, whether a physical or digital item, such as artwork, a soundtrack, a collectible, an in-game item or real estate.

“The way to look at NFT’s in the sports, esports and music world is to conceptualize it the same way you would players cards. We’re taking a digital version of a still, the image itself, and minting it. Taking this product and turning it into a digital asset. We can also do this with video. And then we’re selling it into the marketplace. And the sale itself is being hosted on our blockchain platform” – Wondr Gaming CEO Jon Dwyer

Wondr Gaming hosts creative content campaigns around athletes (most recently, Toronto Raptors Basketball Star Fred VanVleet joined as director of strategic athlete engagement). It works with the largest streaming platforms like Twitch (owned by Amazon) and Reddit. Through this process, the company creates daily content capturing NFT’s. These NFT’s are then sold on the only North American publicly traded company-owned white-labelled NFT platform: memestation.com.

Wondr Gaming also launched the first comprehensive loyalty and rewards platform for the esports industry in gamerewards.com. The company is working with large multinational brands like telecommunications companies, banks, and insurance companies and liaising them into its creative content campaigns with over two billion gamers each day.

Watch the full interview to learn about this new direction in the gaming industry, Wondr Gaming’s recent acquisitions and partnerships, and the company’s new NFT and reward platforms.


00:00 – Wondr Gaming CEO Jon Dwyer

00:52 – Wondr Gaming overview

03:25 – NFT applications

05:15 – NFT opportunties

08:21 – What is a NFT?

09:10 – Revenue from NFT and other businesses

11:32 – Total addressable market (TAM)


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