July 26, 2021

Be Cautious of Crypto Despite Bitcoin Spike | Midas Letter RAW ft VXTR, PHC

Midas Letter
Midas Letter
Be Cautious of Crypto Despite Bitcoin Spike | Midas Letter RAW ft VXTR, PHC

Welcome to a special Monday edition of Midas Letter RAW! Bitcoin (BTC) had an explosive move overnight, almost testing $40,000. Possible explanations are traders exiting their short bets after positive commentary from Elon Musk, Jack Dorsey, and Cathie Woods and speculation that Amazon could start to accept crypto payments. However, Midas Letter issues caution to crypto investing, despite the positive technical chart setups for BTC.

Cryptocurrencies are all speculative in nature. Midas Letter cautions anybody investing in the space long-term pending clarity on how governments will treat digital assets once their central banks have rolled out their own digital currencies. Cryptos not associated with a sovereign government will likely be banned by all countries in the developed world, rendering current cryptos useless and toxic to any portfolio. As no sovereign treasury backs any crypto, if a particular crypto was to go bust, there’s no recourse to recover any of the interest lost. Cryptos are a speculative asset, and it is a bubble.

As well as crypto news, we also discuss the trending topics in the cannabis and psychedelic industries. If you stick around to the end, we will also answer your audience’s questions.

We have two exclusive interviews on deck to start the week.

Voxtur Analytics Corp (OTCMKTS:VXTRF, CVE:VXTR) CEO Jim Albertelli

Eight Capital came out recently and initiated a “Buy” rating of Voxtur Analytics with a target price of $1.00. With all the growth in Voxtur’s ecosystem, Eight Capital is calling for a big uptick in both top and bottom lines in the future. The Eight Capital analyst estimates 2021 and 2022 revenue of $63.9 million and $83.3 million, respectively, and 2021 and 2022 EBITDA of $4.3 million and $8.4 million, respectively. Again, just like Voxtur’s latest financial results, these numbers are only using one month of data from its iLookabout merger and, more importantly, not taking into account the extra profitability and margins the Appraisers Now (Anow) acquisition brings. We discuss these forecasts with CEO Jim Albertelli and his expectation in Voxtur continuing to build its platform adding new software as a service (SaaS) technologies while driving margin expansion.

Pathway Health Corp (CVE:PHC) President Wayne Cockburn

Pathway Health is one of the largest providers of out-of-hospital pain management services in Canada. The company owns and operates 9 pain clinics across 4 provinces in Canada with an active patient base of over 50,000. The company also has large goals of expansion, looking to quadruple its number of clinics and expand its interventional pain services to include ketamine infusions, image-guided therapies, and more. Pathway Health started trading last week but already has partnerships with top Canadian pharmacies such as Sobeys (1,500 retail stores in Canada in all 10 provinces) and PharmaChoice (900 retail pharmacy locations). These pharmacy partnerships allow Pathway Health to sell medical cannabis to its patients. On top of its physical locations, Pathway Health also boasts the largest medical cannabis telehealth network in Canada and owns MySpark proprietary IT offering ‘actionable digital intelligence.’


01:12 – Cryptocurrencies
03:33 – Show rundown
04:54 – Governments banning crypto
06:39 – Cryptocurrencies could lead to limitless losses for UK government
07:28 – EU tightening rules for crypto transfers
08:17 – USD vs gold vs cryptos
09:33 – Central bank digital currency
10:58 – **Voxtur Analytics (VXTRF) CEO Jim Albertelli interview**
23:27 – VXTR Chart
24:07 – **Pathway Health CEO Wayne Cockburn interview**
38:32 – PHC chart
38:56 – Psychedelics/Cannabis news
39:00 – Field Trip Health (FTRP) conditional approval to NASDAQ
39:19 – Cybin Inc (CLXPF) conditional listing for NYSE-American
39:34 – Jamaica adopted cultivation psilocybin protocols
39:45 – Mydecine’s (MYCOF) synthetic psilocybin pill
39:57 – Chuck Schumer legalization of US cannabis
40:48 – Amazon lobbying for cannabis delivery
41:01 – Other cannabis News
41:34 – Copper prices
45:45 – US Copper (USCU) shutting down drilling because of forest fires
47:12 – Audience Questions
47:20 – What is an ETF?
50:21 – Cannabis stocks benefiting from Mexico legalization
51:38 – Which billionaire will win the space race?


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