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Copper Views & Cannabis News | Midas Letter RAW ft VXTR, HMBL, OAM

Copper has been surging hitting a 12 year high of $4.80 per pound in June. Today, it’s hovering near six-week highs, trading just over $4 despite claims that inflation is transitory. Copper is a fundamental resource for anything electronic. Every automobile, fridge, television, or phone needs the commodity. Along with the metals’ superior conductivity for electricity, it is also corrosion-resistant and attractive for building surfaces, so is used extensively in construction.

Despite the high demand, copper is in increasingly short supply because grades at the world’s largest mines are decreasing. Another wrench recently thrown into the works of copper supply is the news that Mongolia’s government is seeking to cancel a deal with miner Rio Tinto to expand the Oyu Tolgoi copper mine in the Gobi Desert and replace it with a new agreement. The new Mongolian government wants a bigger slice of the pie of what would be the 3rd largest copper producer in the world. With no agreement in place, the delay of copper supply will have to be factored into a new copper price.

The high demand and need for copper will only have a positive effect on copper prices in the near term and long term. While copper is at current price levels, we discuss potential copper investment opportunities.

Also on the show, we discuss the latest happenings in the world of cannabis and weed stocks.

One of the largest news items this week is the financial results and CEO comments coming from Tilray Inc. (NASDAQ:TLRY). Tilray reported a net loss of USD$336.01 million in fiscal 2021 despite reporting a net income of $33.6-million during the fourth quarter. CEO Irwin Simon also came out and said the company is sitting on a $500 million war chest and is ready to make a deal for a US cannabis company regardless of federal legalization. That balance sheet is impressive and might be able to sway cannabis companies generating good revenues in certain states to join with Tilray – as Aphria did.

We also have three exclusive interviews on deck in today’s show:

Humble & Fume Inc. (CNSX:HMBL) Chairman Shawn Dym

Humble & Fume is a cannabis distribution solutions company providing customer-centric services and accessories. The company is fully integrated with complete sales, distribution, and trade marketing support. Humble & Fume has a large product portfolio, working with over 200 industry brands, including Canadian flower favourites Supreme Cannabis, 48North, Olli products, as well as its in-house FUME extracts brand. Humble & Fume recently launched FUME, a proprietary extraction process that removes terpenes from the plant without the use of solvents, guaranteeing a pure, true-to-strain product.

OverActive Media (CVE:OAM) President & CEO Chris Overholt

OverActive Media is in the business of building the world’s premier esports platform. They already own some of the best franchises in their respective esports leagues and have partnerships with global game publishers. With the growing excitement within the esports industry, OverActive Media has a growing audience of over 130 million gamers. The companies growth has gained the attention of celebrity shareholders from pop stars like The Weeknd to professional sports stars like Toronto Maple Leafs Mitch Marner. OverActive has seen an impressive 276% revenue growth in the last year, watch the full interview to see how they accomplished what they have.

Appraisers Now Ltd. (Anow) (A Voxtur Analytics Corp (OTCMKTS:VXTRF, CVE:VXTR) company) Founder & CEO Marty Haldane

Eight Capital came out recently and initiated a “Buy” rating of Voxtur Analytics with a target price of $1.00. With all the growth in Voxtur’s ecosystem, Eight Capital is calling for a big uptick in both top and bottom lines in the future. When Voxtur acquired Anow, it was said that the merger would bolster Voxtur margins significantly. Voxtur has financial results coming out in August which should show this increase in margin and the additional revenue Anow brings to the Voxtur ecosystem of real estate technologies. Marty Haldane details how the appraisal business has grown since joining Voxtur.


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