July 7, 2021

Field Trip’s (FTRP) Next Generation of Psychedelics

Midas Letter
Midas Letter
Field Trip's (FTRP) Next Generation of Psychedelics

Field Trip Health Ltd (TSE:FTRP, OTCMKTS:FTRPF) is the largest vertically integrated psychedelics company. Psychedelics are the first well-known contextual medicine (the experience a patient has when receiving the drug is almost equally important to the science behind the drug itself). Field Trip realizes this fact and is building the clinical infrastructure to deliver psychedelic therapies while also developing next-generation compounds to bring to market.

As well as operating six modern, technology-enabled clinical hubs for psychedelic therapies (Q4 2021 patient services revenues grew by 66% from the previous quarter), Field Trip also has a phone app appropriately named “Trip”. Trip is the first digital phone app for consciousness expansion.

Field Trip is already prescribing the legal psychedelic ketamine in its clinics but has its sights on developing next-generation compounds that improve existing drugs. Psilocybin, for example, has a long therapy time frame (where trips can last a whole day), resulting in clinical difficulties and extra costs. The second challenge psilocybin has is its well-known characterization and the barriers of owning patent technology around the compound.

To solve these limitations, Field Trip is developing FT-104. FT-104 has the same benefits as psilocybin but has half the “trip” time. Field Trip believes FT-104 will be the preferred molecule for patients and doctors because it will be cheaper and more accessible. FT-104 is also a new chemical entity where IP is robust. Field Trip has already applied for a new composition of matter patents and surrounding IP. The company is looking to receive approval from the FDA in 2026/2027 and will therefore have a longer time to generate ROI.

Watch the full interview to learn how big of a market Field Trip believes psychedelics could become and how Field Trip differentiates itself from all competition.


00:46 – Field Trip Health Business Overview

02:30 – Business differentiator & FT-104 novel drug

06:58 – Clinical development timeline

08:02 – Total Addressable Market (TAM)

09:52 – Integrated model to mitigate “bad trips”

11:58 – How patients sign up


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