July 5, 2021

New NASDAQ Psychedelic Stock is an IP Giant | Atai Life Sciences

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New NASDAQ Psychedelic Stock is an IP Giant | Atai Life Sciences

Atai Life Sciences (NASDAQ:ATAI) is a mental health biotech company developing novel drugs (psychedelic and non-psychedelic) to cure various mental health diseases such as addiction, depression, anxiety, and PTSD. Atai recently raised $225 million in an upsized Nasdaq IPO. This impressive public offering values the company north of $2 billion.

Why the excitement for another recent biotech IPO?

It is the broad diversity of Atai’s portfolio and business offering. Atai has every single psychedelic drug that has medical and commercial viability on its platform. The familiar magic mushroom drugs, as well as a host of other psychedelic connoisseurs may not have heard of. Currently, Atai has ten programs running using Psilocybin, Arketamine, Ibogaine & Norigaine, Deu-Etifoxine, N-acetylcysteine, N, N-dimethyltryptamine, MDMA derivative, Deu-Mitragynine.

Founder Christian Angermayer sees Ibogaine as one of the more exciting drugs. He believes it is one of the only drugs that has the potential to cure addiction up to heroin and opioid dependencies.

“It can turn out [drugs] don’t work. That’s the risk with biotech. We don’t have that here. We have a downside-protected approach, but we have the full upside of a very broadly diversified company. More than 10 drug programs in development tackling the biggest problem in our time!” – Atai Life Sciences Founder Christian Angermayer

Atai is then encapsulating the study of novel compounds with enabling technologies. Its Introspect tool provides personalized and scalable treatment to those who might not otherwise be able to access high-quality psychological care. EntheogeniX is an AI-enabled computational biophysics platform designed to optimize and accelerate drug discovery.

Watch the full interview to learn how Atai is breaking ground in treating mental health, why the founder got into psychedelics in the first place and Atai’s global operations after a very successful IPO.


00:48 – Atai business overview

01:30 – Where company is based and how company started

05:02 – Different drugs on Atai platform & Ibogaine

10:14 – IPO & global operations

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