July 19, 2021

Voxtur Analytics’ (VXTRF) Home Run Acquisitions

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Voxtur Analytics' (VXTRF) Home Run Acquisitions

Voxtur Analytics Corp (OTCMKTS:VXTRF, CVE:VXTR) had a record quarter in its latest financial results stemming from the company’s synergistic acquisitions. (In case y’all forgot, Voxtur Analytics Achieves 183% Revenue Growth YoY) Voxtur is looking to track and grow revenues again with new clients, offerings, and another real estate home run acquisition target.

The first merger that started the ball rolling was the business combination of iLookabout Corp., Voxtur Technologies Inc., Bright Line Title LLC, and certain technology assets of James E. Albertelli, PA. This forged the company into what it is today: a transformational real estate technology company redefining industry standards using data analytics. In short, Voxtur’s platform makes valuing properties, receiving loans, and evaluating tax quicker, cheaper, and more accurate.

Next Voxtur Analytics turned its attention to additional companies that operate as real estate software as a service (SAAS) and can fit into the Voxtur ecosystem. Appraisers Now Ltd (Anow) was the ideal target, and the company Executive Chairman Gary Yeoman is most excited about. The Anow acquisition added the only end-to-end, encrypted, route-optimized, AI-enabled platform in North America to the growing arsenal of Voxtur’s technologies. Once Anow’s system is fully baked into the Voxtur machine – integrating mortgage lenders, services, and investors – it will produce at a very high margin. Everything is streamlined and connected. The perfect fit for Voxtur’s platform. (Watch Appraisals Now (anow) Founder Marty Haldane on Voxtur Merger for further details)

The latest accretive acquisition effort from Voxtur is Benutech, Inc. Benutech provides SAAS to retain title services and find new buyers/sellers of real estate. Like with the Anow purchases, Benutech is a program that is tied into each of Voxtur’s clients right now. The largest Benutech benefit is a recent anti-trust ruling which grants Benutech full access to CoreLogic’s data platform. This will give Voxtur access to all characteristics about a property, sales information, assessment info, tax information in the USA.

Having access to this data will allow Voxtur to roll out its real property tax analytics platform. With 140 million properties in the USA, this B2C platform where someone can purchase a $20 full tax assessment report to see if they’re too high and by how much. A little napkin mathematics says that even if 10% of people want to verify they are paying the correct taxes, this business silo is around a $300 million business.

Benutech will also allow for a rollout of a B2B platform to all the banks, lenders, title companies. When lenders sign off, they act as trustees on the owner’s behalf until the deal closes. Lenders then sign and pay taxes as if they are correct and don’t perform any due diligence on the tax assessment. As such, Voxtur expects to have a minimum of 300 lenders on this B2B platform in the first year.

“All big lenders want it, they need it. It’s an unique offering.” – Voxtur Analytics Exec Chairman Gary Yeoman

Lastly, Benutech opens the door for a B2P (Business to public) platform. Municipalities and counties currently set assessment roles for tax purposes in the US. They don’t have someone to audit the valuation before the values are delivered and returned to the taxpayer. Voxtur’s platform and algorithms will play a transparent, fair assessment role in that process.

“We believe our revenue is going to track very well and grow. We’ve got a number of new clients and offerings that are taking place as we speak. We will be rolling that out to the public when we are allowed to. When we finalize it and got the necessary approvals to be able to press release that. We feel very buoyant on the opportunities and the things that we have and the public will be finding out in due course.” – Voxtur Analytics Exec Chairman Gary Yeoman

Watch the full interview to see why Benutech has a multiple-fold significance to Voxtur’s real estate ecosystem, the company’s current revenues compared with its blowout last quarter, and the reason why Gary sold 5,000 shares in the company.

“For clarity, I own 2 million more shares this quarter than I owned last quarter. So, the net number of shares that I acquired was more than the number of shares that I sold. The message I want to lead is: I’m extremely bullish on this company, I’m extremely dedicated to this company.” – Voxtur Analytics Exec Chairman Gary Yeoman


00:51 – Selling 5M shares

04:24 – Acquisition of Benutech

10:15 – Current revenue vs impressive last quarter results

11:35 – Appraisals Now (Anow)

12:00 – Profitability

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