August 5, 2021

The MSG Entertainment of Esports | OverActive Media (OAM)

Midas Letter
Midas Letter
The MSG Entertainment of Esports | OverActive Media (OAM)

OverActive Media Corp (CVE:OAM) is redefining 21st-century sports media and entertainment companies for today’s generation of fans. In traditional sports, there is MSG Entertainment or Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment, which own portfolios of professional teams and entertainment brands. OverActive Media has adopted the same model and owns franchises in four different esport leagues competing at the highest level in the world.

OverActive Media owns team franchises in (i) the Overwatch League, operating as the Toronto Defiant, (ii) the Call of Duty League, operating as the Toronto Ultra, (iii) the League of Legends European Championship (“LEC”), operating as the MAD Lions, (iv) the Superliga, operating as the MAD Lions Madrid, and (v) Flashpoint, operating as MAD Lions Counter Strike:Global Offensive (a franchised league operated by B Site Inc., a company in which OverActive holds minority interest), as well as other non-affiliated CS:GO tournaments and leagues.

How do you monetize owning esports franchises? The owner of each franchise has the exclusive rights to develop teams in their market. OverActive Media shares the revenue streams with the leagues their teams operate within. Like with NBA or NHL teams, OverActive Media makes a portion of the deals associated with broadcast, sponsorship, etc.

Esports has seen massive growth in recent years – as seen by the explosion in popularity of streaming platforms like Twitch (owned by Amazon). Esports is on the verge of mainstream adoption but is still very much in its infancy stages in terms of market size. OverActive Media sees massive upside in trying to bridge the gap between the two.

Watch the full interview to learn the new esports landscape, how OverActive Media is thriving within the franchise market, and how large the industry can grow compared with traditional sports.


00:35 – OverActive Media overview
01:46 – Monetization
03:23 – Overactive owned teams
03:53 – Esports growth rate
04:53 – Competitors
08:28 – Esports audience vs traditional sports
11:53 – Mainstream adoption


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