September 2, 2021

Kevin O’Leary Joins Midas Letter RAW ft BRAX

Midas Letter
Midas Letter
Kevin O’Leary Joins Midas Letter RAW ft BRAX

“Shark Tank” star, entrepreneur extraordinaire and investor, Kevin O’Leary needs no real introduction. He has interests and investments across different asset classes and ventures; From wine to psychedelics and crypto to YouTube, Kevin O’Leary is a modern-day success story. And as he likes to point out, if you too are an entrepreneur, he only started with a big idea and zero cash.

Today we get the pleasure of picking his brain on one of his strategic investments in the crypto space. A company working in decentralized finance (DeFi). DeFi refers to blockchain-based systems that operate without centralized intermediaries. O’Leary is bullish as this system eliminates the needs for middlemen and reduces transaction costs. The company in question is WonderFi – named after his famous “Mr. Wonderful” moniker.

Mr. Wonderful has said that “DeFi will force financial middlemen to find new jobs,” backing the decentralized finance platform. For an introduction to the company, we spoke with the WonderFi CEO in June HERE.  Kevin O’Leary says the company could “change trading within three to four years.”

Kevin O’Leary has also made some strategic investments in the psychedelic space. To keep up with that theme, we have an exclusive shroom boom CEO interview on today’s show:

Braxia Scientific Corp (CNSX:BRAXOTCMKTS: BRAXF) CEO Dr. Roger McIntyre

Braxia is a medical research psychedelics company with clinics that provide ketamine treatments for people with depression. The company is also in the discovery and commercialization business of novel psychedelic drug formulations and delivery methods. Braxia develops ketamine and psilocybin derivatives in its IP development platform.

We also have one of our favourite cannabis analysts on deck: Charles Taerk, Faircourt Asset Management Inc CEO and Ninepoint Alternative Health Fund portfolio manager. He presents the latest news in the marijuana industry, cannabis company financials, and which weed stocks he is currently investing in.


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