Canada Votes 2021: News, Polls not Credible When it Comes to Predicting Canadian Election

It would be comical were it not so pathetic how Canadian mainstream news outlets insist on pretending as if there is any other possible outcome other than a Liberal victory today. The only real question is whether or not Justin and the Liberals will win a majority or minority mandate.

The reason for the certainty is that while Conservatives make no bones about their intention to stop the various COVID-19 handouts immediately upon election, and the NDP is as usual indeterminate in what they are going to do if elected, the Liberals are clear that they will extend the subsidies to at least April.

So who in their right mind, who has been collecting government subsidies for the last two years, would even consider a vote for anyone other than the man giving away money to keep our personal and corporate economies healthy?

Never mind that 85% of Conservative candidates will not disclose their vaccination status, which is a pretty good indication that they’re not vaccinated. So while pulling the financial rug out from people and companies who have suffered a loss of revenue yet still manage to keep people employed, the Conservatives would, through sheer ignorance, keep the pandemic spreading and mutating through the population.

Do we even need to discuss the implications of a Conservative government’s retro mindset on abortion and aversion therapy? It would be embarrassing to be Canadian if such were to become law.

Not that Justin is not without flaws.

I actually voted Green in the 2018 provincial election out of frustration with the Snc-Lavalin Group Inc (TSE:SNCOTCMKTS:SNCAF) “Deferred Prosecution” scandal. There is a pernicious disregard for the rule of law among the Liberal party that persists today, as evidenced by the completely ignored commitment to consult with First Nations on the determination of their terrestrial land use.

And let’s not ignore the fact that the August CEWS subsidy now only pays 25% of staff salaries, creating more liability than benefit on the balance sheets of small businesses. This is likely going to sink some businesses that have just been hanging on by their fingernails. Still, 25% is better than what the other parties are proposing. Plus, the rent subsidy remains intact, which is a huge lifesaver for qualifying businesses.

The thuggish People’s Party deserves an honourable mention here to acknowledge their assistance in diluting the conservative vote. Even brutes have their functions in a properly managed society.

The wonderful thing about an election during a pandemic is we get to see where the votes align with science.

The Conservative Party and its pilot fish PPC are the parties for anti maskers, anti-vaxxers and the cerebrally defective cohort of demented loudmouths who emulate the rampant Trump stupidity south of the border. Just look at all the right-wingnut talk show hosts keeling over from COVID.

But liberal minded, progressive thinking voters need not fret: with all the anti maskers and anti-vaxxers lending COVID variants a fertile Petrie dish in which to evolve, Darwinist natural selection will ensure a liberal government in Canada for years to come.

James West

Editor and Publisher

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