September 20, 2021

The Most Compelling Drug Pipeline in Psychedelics? | MindMed (MNMD)

Midas Letter
Midas Letter
The Most Compelling Drug Pipeline in Psychedelics? | MindMed (MNMD)

Since we last spoke with Mind Medicine (MindMed) Inc (NASDAQ:MNMD, NEO:MMED), the company has completed a transition of its Chief Executive Officer. The new CEO’s main mission for shareholders is simple: to build the best drug pipeline in psychedelics.

Robert Barrow has previously played a central role in designing and executing several successful regulatory and drug development strategies. Coupled with a few further strategic appointments, MindMed has a team of expert drug developers that stand out. Their track record shows indications the company is building a pharmaceutical company that will be competitive within and even outside psychedelics and take its new therapies across the regulatory finish line.

MindMed is largely agnostic to hallucinogens and is now looking into 2nd/3rd generation molecules and novel-treatment paradigms to approach illnesses. They are moving beyond anecdotal and existing psychedelic methods to become a sophisticated drug company.

Why would investors buy MindMed shares today?

CEO Robert Barrow says MindMed is “building for the long term. We have the team, assets and the approach… The vision ultimately for how they are going to get all these programs across the finish line. When you look at MindMed in 6 months or 12 months you will see an organization that stands out as the most compelling drug development pipeline in the psychedelic space, that both is not oversold by having too many programs that can’t feasibly be done as some have, or a one-trick pony as some others. We are excited about hitting that sweet spot and building the organization to match and build that.”

There has been a lot of recent news from the broader psychedelic landscape and leadership pack. In contrast, MindMed has remained relatively quiet – building the next stages of its organization to set itself up for long-term success and value creation. 

As Warren Buffet once said, “only when the tide goes out do you discover who’s been swimming naked.” MindMed, however, seems to be serious about becoming one of the leaders in the psychedelics sector.

Watch the full interview to learn about MindMed’s new CEO’s strategy, its clinical trials, and milestones/catalysts for the company and psychedelics industry as a whole.


00:00 – MindMed CEO Robert Barrow

00:39 – Change in management

01:24 – CEO Robert Barrow history

02:42 – MindMed strategy

03:30 – Next generation of MindMed Programs

04:24 – Phase 1 Clinical Trial of Intravenous DMT

05:24 – Milestones in next 12 months

07:00 – Industry catalysts

08:26 – Big pharma taking over psychedelic treatments

10:03 – FDA drug pathway to medicine

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