October 18, 2021

Compelling Low-Cost, Large-Scale Global Cannabis Opportunity | Clever Leaves (CLVR)

Midas Letter
Midas Letter
Compelling Low-Cost, Large-Scale Global Cannabis Opportunity | Clever Leaves (CLVR)

Clever Leaves Holdings Inc (NASDAQ:CLVR) is a global cannabis company with large-scale, low-cost cultivation and pharmaceutical-grade cannabinoid processing in the United States, Canada, Colombia, Germany and Portugal. CLVR has been publicly trading for almost 12 months now and has proven its ambitions of becoming a leading cannabis distributor with a global presence through company milestones and developments.

Clever Leaves has created a global distribution network by developing its EU-GMP operations in Colombia, where it has 1.9m square foot of cultivation footprint, and Portugal. That accounts for half of Colombia’s national and 18% of the global THC quota.

Clever Leaves has already exported products from these sites to Australia, but the recent exciting news for the company is the first THC flower export to the United States.

“If we can provide more strains, more products variants, higher potencies. we believe that’s the type of product American researchers should be working with” – Clever Leaves CEO Kyle Detwiler

Not only does this fortify Clever Leaves’ entrance into the U.S. but it positions the company as one of the first companies ever to commercially ship dried cannabis flower from Portugal to the U.S.

“$25 million dollars worth of product to third party companies, academic institutions or researchers to conduct research on cannabis in the US. That was phase 1 of the program. Phase 2 is now the commercial shipment, we have other phases that we are hoping to be able to announce some day. But this is very difficult. No one has really done this before.” – Clever Leaves CEO Kyle Detwiler

As the company continues to grow its B2B international trade of cannabis pipeline, it could be an opportunity to gain exposure to the cannabis market via a fast-growth company with a compelling first-mover advantage.

Watch the full interview to learn about the company’s 2021 developments, its low-cost cannabis production, and the company’s potential current value with this year’s cannabis industry price consolidation.

“It doesnt matter what your business is, what’s your cost structure is, how robust your supply chain is, the baby has been thrown out with the bathwater in my opinion. I don’t think there are too many companies like Clever Leaves that have the cost structure we have and accomplished the things we have accomplished. No doubt there is a heavy weight on these 2 shoulders, its time to deliver financial performance.” – Clever Leaves CEO Kyle Detwiler


00:00 – Clever Leaves Holdings Inc (NASDAQ:CLVR) CEO Kyle Detwiler
00:40 – Clever Leaves 2021 developments
01:29 – First THC Flower import to US
03:15 – Federally legal cannabis sources in US
04:55 – Low-cost cannabis production
06:04 – Financial performance
08:15 -US recreational market
08:45 – Strongest product pipeline
09:25 – Colombian low-cost production factors
11:01 – CLVR Financial Report Card


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