October 19, 2021

Cybin (CYBN) Growing IP Supports Faster & Shorter Psychedelic Treatments

Midas Letter
Midas Letter
Cybin (CYBN) Growing IP Supports Faster & Shorter Psychedelic Treatments

Cybin Inc (NEO:CYBN, NYSEAMERICAN:CYBN) is a drug development company with four active psychedelic clinical programs targeting Major Depressive Disorder, Alcohol Use Disorder and Therapy Resistant Psychiatric Disorders (CYB001, CYB003, CYB004, CYB005). But, it’s not just four molecules the company is testing, Cybin has a large portfolio of over 50 proprietary psychedelic molecules based upon DMT, MDMA, Psilocybin, and other psychedelics. The company is also growing its intellectual property (IP) and recently announced its 16th patent filing with the potential to obtain patent coverage in 153 countries for each of the patent applications. All this is in the hopes of scaling its psychedelic treatments to deliver a faster onset of action and a shorter duration of action for patients.

“Filed 16 patents to date, we continue to make more filings on a regular basis. continue to prosecute those aggressively to protect our intellectual property. and our team is really world-class: have managed over 60 development programs with the FDA, filed more than 300 peer review papers, and part of the team was responsible for S-ketamine, ultimately marketed by Johnson & Johnson, which is the first psychedelic compound approved in the United States” – Cybin Inc CEO Doug Drysdale

Cybin is taking a number of different approaches across its pipeline to develop treatments that are much faster in terms of onset (not having to wait over an hour for a drug to kick in) and much shorter in terms of duration (being able to fit a psychedelic treatment within a normal therapy window of 45 mins to 2 hours). The faster and shorter psychedelic treatments would allow clinics to adopt Cybin’s drugs and fit treatments into its normal workflow.

Cybin is quickly moving programs through preclinical work. The company has said that shareholders can expect to see data coming out at the end of this year for its CYB001 depression program and CYB003 alcohol disorder program.

Watch the full interview for an update on Cybin’s drug development programs, Cybin’s milestone achievements of its wholly-controlled subsidiary, Adelia Therapeutics, its partnership with Greenbrook TMS Inc (NASDAQ:GBNHTSE:GTMS), and the shroom boom landscape.


00:00 – Cybin Inc CEO Doug Drysdale
00:52 – Adelia Therapeutics milestones
01:25 – Clinical data
01:55 – Psychedelic landscape
03:02 – Capital raises
04:02 – Decriminalization and research permission
05:04 – How cannabis decriminalization affects psychedelics
06:03 – Schedule 1 roadblocks
06:51 – GreenBrook TMS partnership
08:08 – Health insurance future
09:22 – Scaling psychedelic treatments
11:14 – CYBN Financial Report Card
12:12 – CYBN Share Price Performance


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