October 28, 2021

Invest in the Next Best Plant-Based Protein Companies Before They IPO | Eat Beyond (EATS, EATBF)

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Invest in the Next Best Plant-Based Protein Companies Before They IPO | Eat Beyond (EATS, EATBF)

Eat Beyond Global Holdings Inc (CNSX: EATS, OTCMKTS: EATBF) is an investment issuer focused on the global plant-based and alternative food sector. EATS invests in a portfolio of plant-based protein companies, typically before they IPO or go public, which provides investors with the opportunity to participate in the early stages of those companies before retail investors.

Why is the alternative food sector so fast-growing?

a) Environmental: Feeding the world at scale as the demand for animal protein keeps increasing is unsustainable.

b) Health: People are dialling in their diet to uncover potentially healthier food choices using more plant-based proteins.

c) Animal welfare: we all know the problems globally with factory farming.

The challenges with the alternative food industry will always be the quality of the food itself and whether people will actually want to choose the alternative, regardless of moral intentions. EATS wants to ensure that when people try plant-based proteins for the first time, they are impressed enough with the introduction into the category enough to become repeat customers. EATS filters its prospective portfolio companies by judging the quality of their products and how great of a customer experience each product elicits.

Since our last interview, EATS has evolved its business model to become more involved with its investment portfolio companies. The new CEO has over 25 years of experience in food sales management and the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry and wants to bring his expertise to accelerate EATS portfolio company developments. EATS advisors are brought in to help plant-based protein companies drive more distribution, tighten up branding, develop manufacturing plans, and build them out to a monetization event, whether going public or selling to a strategy.

“We are looking at rehoming our portfolio to really focus on plant-based foods displacing animal proteins space. We think as we look forward, there is a huge tsunami of consumer demand to come on that front that we are looking to capture and help our entrepreneurs and portfolio companies capture as well.” – Eat Beyond Global CEO Michael Aucoin.

A great example of EATS’s new business model is how portfolio company Nabati Foods Global Inc (CNSX:MEAT) has performed, recently going public. There was lots of value creation in the runup to the company’s IPO, and the stock has performed well since trading. Nabati Foods is a food technology company offering whole, natural, plant-based, gluten and soy-free foods for health-conscious consumers.

Watch the full CEO interview to learn EATS’ new company direction, larger stake investment plan, and latest portfolio company news.

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