October 4, 2021

New Tech Reducing GHG Emissions & Organic Waste Up to 90% | CHAR Technologies (YES)

Midas Letter
Midas Letter
New Tech Reducing GHG Emissions & Organic Waste Up to 90% | CHAR Technologies (YES)

CHAR Technologies Ltd (CVE:YESOTCMKTS:CTRNF) is a cleantech company specializing in converting woody materials and organic waste into renewable gases and biocarbon. There is a lot of excitement in the company’s conversion process. A process called High-Temperature Pyrolysis (HTP). This proprietary technology reduces net greenhouse gas emissions, reduces organics waste mass by up to 90%, and uses self-sustaining fuel systems (closed-loop).

CHAR Technologies uses this tech within three distinct market verticals:

First, converting wood residuals (such as sawdust and construction demolition waste) into biocarbon and renewable natural gas. Biocarbon helps the steel industry offset its coal consumption.

Second, the conversion of anaerobic digestate (a compost from food waste) into biocarbon and renewable gas. This market vertical allowed for the recent partnership and Green H2 project with Hitachi Zosen Inova.

Third, the conversion of Biosolids (the leftovers from water waste treatment plants). The market opportunity with this third vertical is less about the biocarbon and natural gas outputs and more to destroy forever chemicals known as PFAS. The presence of forever chemicals has been highlighted in blockbuster movies like Dark Waters (2019) starring Mark Ruffalo and Anne Hathaway. The high-temperature process has the ability to destroy those forever elements, well… forever.

Watch the full interview to learn how CHAR Technologies’ first facility in California generates 100 kg of green hydrogen per hour and the revenue model behind the proprietary cleantech process.


00:00 – CHAR Technologies CEO Andrew White
00:53 – CHAR Technologies overview
01:47 – Market verticals
04:33 – Carbon negative
06:02 – Carbon credits
07:32 – Revenue model
10:08 – Commercialization & customers
10:55 – Profitability


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